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Tarot card

Apologies if I babble a bit - it's 4 am and I'm running off caffeine and Parapara. ^^;

Anyway! - I'm currently making a tarot deck, and in doing research I've found a few different sources citing a variant name for 'Temperance' as 'The Alchemist'. I'm like ... wtf? I hadn't heard of that before, but, as FMA-obsessed as I currently am (^^;;) I had to look into it, since Temperance has always seemed a little ... well, more about patience than anything else. (And I can't really put Ed on a card about patience. No, I really can't. ^^;) Turns out another focus -- and really a more prominent one -- is about blending elements of one's life into something more perfect, about finding strength and stability amidst the chaos. (Essentially, balance -- something I always attributed more to Justice.)

So ... well ... I decided to go with it. Scrap the traditional concept of the woman with the water jugs, scrap the wings, scrap all of that and go for something that evokes that idea of balance, of blending.

Enough preface, I guess ... ^^;

In pencil and watercolor on paper.

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