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Wow, tonight's ep shall henceforth, in my opinion, be known as the 'Sparkle Episode'... Armstrong was at his um... 'Sparklinest'(or whatever it can be called) tonight... My boss and his family, with whom I ate supper tonight as we watched the ep, spent the next half hour(before my last class) shouting 'SPARKLES!' and flexing like Armstrong, I was laughing so much. ^-^

I think Winry even tried to have a Sparkle-fight with Armstrong, but I'm pretty sure she lost...

Heh, they return home, Pinaco-baasan and Ed fight before Winry whaps him with the wrench. Armstrong stripped his shirt much tonight, and Ed and Al were scared... ^-^ They expanded more on the sparring the Elric brothers had with Armstrong, which was pretty cool! And the sparkles flew _with_ Armstrong as they bested him...

MEEP! I think Ed acutally passed out when they put his arm and leg back on him... Later, Ed was taking a shower... @_,@ Too bad he's wearing shorts... *sighs*
And when they went back to visit the remains of their house... and showed the flashbacks of them as kids... *cries* But they didn't show Winry realizing(like in the manga) that she forgot to put in a pin when she rebuilt his arm... So I dunno if that will come up later or not when he tries to fight Envy, if he does so at all, I should say... *shrugs*

Next ep is Scar fighting against Lust and Gluttony, while Ed and Al discover the Library(and the mousey librarian Hughes snags off... ^-^)


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