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Crack Sins!

those of you that where in the fmadub chat room today have heard me talk about the crack sins

so i want to share with you the list of crack sins XDD

Gluttony = Buttony
Pride = Pine
Lust = Gust
Sloth = Goth
Anger/Wrath = Angel
Envy = Navy
Greed = Spleen

and after talking in the chatroom and some people dieing...
we have a list of who is a crack sin XDD

if you dont like ur screen name on here...
get over it ¬.¬
mara jades saber = Angel
SporksRock129 = Gust
royxed is love = Navy
Eva Nidoqueen = Pine
and i am Spleen!

and then, i decided to copy all the parts that people died and came back at...

Hyper Momiji (7:04:51 PM): boo!
Relanir (7:04:57 PM): ack!
Eva Nidoqueen (7:04:58 PM): AH!
Eva Nidoqueen (7:05:02 PM): *heartattackdie*
Hyper Momiji (7:05:03 PM): XD
Relanir (7:05:03 PM): you scared me ;_;
Hyper Momiji (7:05:07 PM): o_o im sorry
Eva Nidoqueen (7:05:20 PM): x_x *rot*
Relanir (7:05:32 PM): *brings Eva back as a humonculus*
Hyper Momiji (7:05:36 PM): lol
Relanir (7:05:38 PM): i dub the pine
Eva Nidoqueen (7:05:38 PM): whee. :O

Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:32:09 PM): SEX CHANGES FOR ALL!

Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:39:04 PM): with genitals the size of canada
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:39:08 PM): i guess
Hyper Momiji (7:39:13 PM): lol
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:39:26 PM): Roy's are Russia-sized tho

Relanir (7:43:27 PM): spleens are now bi-sexual
royxed is love (7:43:42 PM): Spleens can't have a sexual preferenece.
Relanir (7:43:47 PM): yes they can
orenji pan (7:43:53 PM): XD

royxed is love (7:44:51 PM): :3 -pets spleen-
Relanir (7:45:07 PM): *purrs and nuzzles*
orenji pan (7:45:18 PM): Where's the spleen again? o_O
Relanir (7:45:23 PM): right here
royxed is love (7:45:28 PM): In your body.
Relanir (7:45:35 PM): i am Spleen!!!!!
royxed is love (7:45:44 PM): I almost typed booby there.
Relanir (7:45:52 PM): yay!
Relanir (7:45:56 PM): booby!
royxed is love (7:46:11 PM): Everyone likes boobies!
orenji pan (7:46:17 PM): EWwww boobies!

Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:47:21 PM): *passes out boxcutters*
royxed is love (7:47:22 PM): And Vegas = CSI.
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:47:25 PM): No
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:47:28 PM): Nevada-chan
Relanir (7:47:31 PM): *gnaws on it*
royxed is love (7:47:32 PM): YES
royxed is love (7:48:00 PM): -takes boxcutter and suicides-
Relanir (7:48:22 PM): *brings "bob" back as a humonculus"
Relanir (7:48:29 PM): i dub the.... NAVY!
royxed is love (7:48:41 PM): D:
Relanir (7:49:08 PM): *humps navys leg*
royxed is love (7:49:08 PM): All I wanted was a Nissan.
royxed is love (7:49:12 PM): -sheds emo tear-

Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:53:51 PM): THE SEXY SARS DISTRIBUTOR!!!

orenji pan (7:56:45 PM):
orenji pan (7:56:49 PM): OMG THE CUTE!! :O *runs*
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:57:22 PM): *clicks*
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:57:53 PM): BOXERS!
Relanir (7:57:58 PM): aww
Relanir (7:58:05 PM): *steals Eds boxers*
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:58:08 PM): How can he wear boxers tho?
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:58:15 PM): He wears leather pants...
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:58:20 PM): They'd show
AndroideEllipsis (7:58:22 PM): o__o
AndroideEllipsis (7:58:26 PM): You're right...
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:58:28 PM): *dosnt think he waers any*
royxed is love (7:58:29 PM): Not if they were MAGICAL.
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:58:32 PM): *wears
AndroideEllipsis (7:58:39 PM): o__O;; Magical boxers.
Relanir (7:58:39 PM): lets find out
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:58:44 PM): Yes, lets
orenji pan (7:58:50 PM): XDD
Relanir (7:58:53 PM): *takes the newly stolen Ed!Boxers and puts them on*
Relanir (7:59:06 PM): *puts on leather pants and the boxers become invisble*
Relanir (7:59:10 PM): they are magical!
(7:59:13 PM) OtakuProductions has entered the room.
royxed is love (7:59:16 PM): -gasp-
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:59:22 PM): naw
Relanir (7:59:26 PM): ED HAS MAGICAL BOXERS!
Yume no Ryuu 0 (7:59:28 PM): i dont think he wears undies
royxed is love (7:59:30 PM): We should sell them on Ebay.

Yume no Ryuu 0 (8:07:05 PM): pants != penis

royxed is love (8:07:24 PM): I HAVE ROYS TESTICLES
royxed is love (8:07:25 PM): WHAT NOW

Relanir (8:15:01 PM): ME WANT COCOA!
Yume no Ryuu 0 (8:15:31 PM): I have cadburrys cocoa
Relanir (8:15:41 PM): *steals it
Eva Nidoqueen (8:15:53 PM): funny. i have a mug of hot cocoa right beside me. XD;
Relanir (8:16:01 PM): damn you pine!
Relanir (8:16:04 PM): share some with me
Relanir (8:16:15 PM): pwease?
Eva Nidoqueen (8:16:23 PM): *shares* =D
Relanir (8:16:28 PM): yay!
Relanir (8:16:32 PM): *lurves forever*
Eva Nidoqueen (8:16:48 PM): whee. =D hot cocoa for alll.
Relanir (8:16:53 PM): yay!
Relanir (8:17:00 PM): Spleen loves Pine
Eva Nidoqueen (8:17:32 PM): <3
Relanir (8:17:56 PM): *huggles*
Eva Nidoqueen (8:18:02 PM): *GLOMP*
(8:18:03 PM) orenji pan has left the room.
royxed is love (8:18:19 PM): -steals hot cocoa-
Eva Nidoqueen (8:18:36 PM): oh noes. :O teh hot cocoa hath been stolen!
royxed is love (8:19:11 PM): BUWAHHAHAHA
royxed is love (8:19:11 PM): ...HA
Relanir (8:19:25 PM): no!!
Yume no Ryuu 0 (8:19:26 PM): I bathe in hot coaco
Yume no Ryuu 0 (8:19:32 PM): *cocoa
Relanir (8:19:33 PM): *chases after Navy*
Eva Nidoqueen (8:19:44 PM): PINE TO THE RESCUE!
Relanir (8:19:51 PM): XDD
Relanir (8:19:54 PM): brb
Eva Nidoqueen (8:19:58 PM): *tosses air fresheners at royxed!*
Relanir (8:19:58 PM): i go make hot cocoa
(8:20:01 PM) AndroideEllipsis has left the room.
Eva Nidoqueen (8:20:02 PM): kk. =D
royxed is love (8:20:08 PM): Ohnoes!
Relanir (8:20:12 PM): (royxed is navy)
royxed is love (8:20:15 PM): -ducks from air fresheners)
royxed is love (8:20:18 PM): *-
Eva Nidoqueen (8:20:34 PM): (ah, sorry. XD; i still don't know who anyone is really.)
Eva Nidoqueen (8:20:56 PM): bwahaha! FRESH MY PINE FRESH WRATH! :O
royxed is love (8:21:11 PM): I am full of whipped cream.
royxed is love (8:21:36 PM): I FEAR NO PINE FRESHENERS >=(
Eva Nidoqueen (8:22:14 PM): :O!
Relanir (8:23:58 PM): lol
Relanir (8:24:05 PM): i have hot cocoa!
Relanir (8:24:08 PM): *shares with Pine*
Eva Nidoqueen (8:24:13 PM): yay! ^_^
royxed is love (8:27:41 PM): -does a dance-

SporksRock129 (9:32:51 PM): *dead*
mara jades saber (9:33:07 PM): OH GOD NOOOO!!!
SporksRock129 (9:33:12 PM): I finally finished tracing that image
mara jades saber (9:33:16 PM): someone work on a human transmutation theory!
Relanir (9:33:20 PM): *brings back to life as a humonculus*
SporksRock129 (9:33:24 PM): =O
Relanir (9:33:31 PM): hmm....
Relanir (9:33:35 PM): ill dub thee....
Relanir (9:33:41 PM): Gust!
SporksRock129 (9:34:10 PM): Yay! *dances*
Relanir (9:34:13 PM): *implodes from stuidity then comes back*
Relanir (9:34:27 PM): so we have Navy, Pine, Gust and Spleen
Relanir (9:34:36 PM): all thats left is Goth, Angel and Buttony XDD
SporksRock129 (9:35:04 PM): heh
mara jades saber (9:35:16 PM): I want one!
Relanir (9:35:26 PM): ummm...
Relanir (9:35:28 PM): ok...
mara jades saber (9:35:36 PM): My dad's going to kill me when my grades come out,
Relanir (9:35:41 PM): *kills mara and brings back as a humonculus*
mara jades saber (9:35:45 PM): might as well pick a name now
mara jades saber (9:35:51 PM): *splatter*
mara jades saber (9:35:53 PM): *dies*
Relanir (9:36:19 PM): i braught you back...
Relanir (9:36:21 PM): hmm...
mara jades saber (9:36:26 PM): yay!
Relanir (9:36:30 PM): Goth, Angel or Buttony....
Relanir (9:36:34 PM): which one which one?
mara jades saber (9:36:36 PM): *jumps around like a moron!*
SporksRock129 (9:36:59 PM): ah, BRB
Relanir (9:37:02 PM): i dub thee, Angel!

Relanir (12:37:25 AM): ive never seen the point in watching the news ¬.¬
Relanir (12:37:30 AM): we need to make it go splodey
Eva Nidoqueen (12:38:11 AM): yeees. we can use our 1337 homonculus skillz to make it go splat and then we can do the chicken dance to celebrate.
Relanir (12:38:19 AM): yes!
Relanir (12:38:25 AM): we shalst do so!
Relanir (12:38:34 AM): what are our powers anyways?
Eva Nidoqueen (12:38:50 AM): i don't know. XD; all i've done so far is throw air fresheners at people.
Relanir (12:39:26 AM): least its more than ive done...
Relanir (12:39:30 AM): which is hump legs
Eva Nidoqueen (12:39:52 AM): you could like...make people double over...and go 'owww, my spleeeeeeen!'? then hump their legs til they die. =D
Relanir (12:41:06 AM): XDDD
Eva Nidoqueen (12:42:24 AM): then the peasants could rejoice. *nod*
Relanir (12:42:34 AM): XDD
Relanir (12:42:39 AM): and then implode
Eva Nidoqueen (12:42:49 AM): and candy would fly allll over!
Relanir (12:43:11 AM): yes!
Eva Nidoqueen (12:45:02 AM): then um...some more stuff would happen...and everyone would get pie. ^_^
Relanir (12:46:09 AM): no
Relanir (12:46:14 AM): they would turn into the pie
Relanir (12:46:18 AM): and we would feast apon them
Eva Nidoqueen (12:46:48 AM): ohhh. chocolate pie? =O
Relanir (12:47:47 AM): yes!
Relanir (12:47:51 AM): and pumpkin pie!
Relanir (12:47:57 AM): with vanilla icecream!
Eva Nidoqueen (12:47:58 AM): yey! =3 with whipped cream?
Eva Nidoqueen (12:48:06 AM): ohhh, vanilla ice cream's ever better!
Relanir (12:48:14 AM): yes!
Eva Nidoqueen (12:48:50 AM): man, that's the best power EVAR. XD
Relanir (12:50:38 AM): so that is what my power is
Relanir (12:50:42 AM): now lets see...
Relanir (12:50:44 AM): whats yours...
Eva Nidoqueen (12:51:11 AM): aside from making things
Relanir (12:51:40 AM): and you can make trees fall down and crush people!
Relanir (12:51:50 AM): with all the piney-smelly-goodnesss
Eva Nidoqueen (12:51:53 AM): and go splurt? =D eee!
Relanir (12:52:55 AM): no
Relanir (12:52:58 AM): they implode
Relanir (12:53:26 AM): and then catch on fire
Eva Nidoqueen (12:53:46 AM): ohhhh. =D
Eva Nidoqueen (12:53:56 AM): then their ashes can turn into chocobos?
Relanir (12:54:04 AM): yes!
Relanir (12:54:10 AM): and they fart out popuri!
Eva Nidoqueen (12:54:34 AM): WOW! =D and the popuri smells like...PINE!
Relanir (12:54:42 AM): and the chocobos are RAINBOW COLOR!
Relanir (12:54:52 AM): for they have gay pride
Eva Nidoqueen (12:54:58 AM): XD
Relanir (12:54:59 AM): yes
Relanir (12:55:01 AM): exactly
Eva Nidoqueen (12:55:20 AM): and if you lick them, they taste like lobster. because shrimp-flavor was already taken.
Relanir (12:55:34 AM): shrimp-flavor is eds penis
Relanir (12:55:35 AM): >>
Eva Nidoqueen (12:55:59 AM): XD;
Relanir (12:56:24 AM): Ed: WHOS SO SHORT THAT THEIR PENIS TASTES LIKE SHIRMP???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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