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Hello and wallpaper~

Hello everyone! I've been posting here in replies from time to time but I've been reading over this community for quite a while now. I finally decided to register myself in there! Short introduction: My name is Sandy, I'm a female, 21 and live in Belgium. I watched all the serie when it was still aired in Japan and I'm a total Ed lover XD.

So as I promised a few days ago, here is my last wallpaper based on the latest Newtype scan.


Comments: This world needs more Ed sexiness. Especially Munich!Ed. <3 This is a wall that comes up right on time with Winter. Since the original scan was a pain in the ass to retouch ( ), I've decided to vectorize Ed in all his splendid glory with Illustrator (sorry Al but your colours didn't fit the background I planned to draw lol). If you've noticed and watched the entire serie, you'll know it's how he is dressed up at the end and how he will be in the upcoming movie. And yes, he is older (Imma no pedo anymore whooho XD). I found the picture really melancholic and inspiring.

I went for a background inspired by the world and time Ed was "teleported" in, which is ours in fact since it happens in Munich in 1921. The buildings were traced from a stock photo and so was the zeppelin. I had hard times finding my reference pictures with the perspective I wanted. It's not war time but the city is still on guard with zeppelins patroling the air. The moon wasn't really necessary but it gives a dramatic side to the picture so me likes. :3 Many FX to blend the elements together.

It's been a while I didn't make a wallpaper and I'm pretty proud of how this one turned out. 3 days work. Sure it's no "magical scenery" but I'm sure true FMA fans will surely appreciate it. ^^

If you're a minitokyo member, I'd gladely appreciate comments or fav. ;D More of my works can be viewed at (members only).

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