BAD BEEF STEW (kiraqueen) wrote in fm_alchemist,

I Come Bearing Stuff.

I have stuff! However, much (read: all!) is spoileriffic for Adult Swim-only fans. ^^;;

Mirror Etching Pattern (linked due to size)

To use this, you scale this to an appropriate size for the mirror you want to etch (this one should be a medium-sized mirror or larger). Transfer the image onto white contact paper. Place the contact paper over the mirror making sure there are no bubbles. Now for the fun part. Cut out all the dark areas with an X-Acto knife. After you do that, wash all the residue from the exposed parts. Brush glass etching cream onto the exposed design parts. Wash off the cream after the specified amount of time. Remove all contact paper. Presto, etched mirror. This will consume your soul or something, but it can turn out wonderfully. Here's one I did a while ago, from Utena (although it did need to be cleaned): Castle of Dios, Mirror Style!

Pics as almost always by Eurobeat King. Yes, you guys HAVE seen my Wrath costume, but this time there's two new pics worthy of posting on the community.

FYI, the official tattoos WILL stay on while you wander barefoot for an entire con. It won't stay clean, but it WILL stay on.

Thankies a kajillion times to wiccat for agreeing to do this stoooooopid pose with me.
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