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This Will Happen Every Week?

X-Posted from my LJ

Tonight/This morning was fun. There were three AIM chat rooms open for everyone to talk while watching Fullmetal Alchemist #3 on Cartoon Network, and I invited him to them. I had to make a schedule and everything...when we would visit this room, how long we would be in that room. Of course, I like organizing things, so I didn't have a problem.

Crack ensued. And then more did.

And I was a dumbass and didn't save the transcript, but somehow I was labeled as his Hawkeye. And then I ended up with the nickname 'Sir Riza'. As much as it broke my brain, I had to make an icon.

I love fangirls. All of you who melted and screamed and sparkled over him...thank you for giving me such an amusing night, I swear to God. XD

And also, I think Travis did an awesome Roy. Very sexy voice. In the sub, I love Ed more. But in the dub, I think I like Roy best.

Sorry Vic! You are a good VA.

And Travis said he might do it next week if he has nothing better to do, you lucky gals.

--SIR Riza--
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