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More Roy/Travis--TROY!--chat clips

I'm sure someone will eventually post something more fleshed out than this somewhere. I'm too lazy to redo this, so I'm just going to copy/past from my own journal.

*starts the paste*
The dub cast of FMA is AWESOME. It makes me less critical of how well they might match the character, or a few not perfectly delivered lines (script is a totally different department).

Why do I say this? THIS MAN.

The aim chat rooms--yes, plural, apparently 36 people is the cap on AIM chat rooms--he went to last night after ep 3 of FMA aired... They were full of crack and love and he contributed muchly. Much luff to Travis, the dub voice of Roy Mustang!

Rinoa4000: who would REALLY win? flame or fullmetal?
Travis: Oh, Flame hands down
Travis: No doubt
Travis: I dont lose to bean boys

Pairing for Roy:
Travis: Totally hooking up with Hawkeye, at least i hope so

Travis: No sleep for anyone, and WEAR MINISKIRTS!!

Travis: Lust's voice is hot, i have to say

Travis: Ed's my bitch

Travis: Maes Hughes was my favorite
Travis: I love 25, i cried
Travis: 25 was just so unexpected and it set in stone my love for FMA

Travis: All females should wear, TINY MINISKIRTS!

Travis: Totally need my own military
Travis: we would take over kickass stuff like switzerland, choclate, yum
Travis: I should have a military sign-up

Travis: Yesm they say Fuhrer

Travis: I love CRACK

Travis: Please, call me Travis.....or Roy
kuno no bokken: or Troy. =D
kuno no bokken: *shot*

Travis: Damn, i cant read this fast, I LOVE IT

tehdarkneko: I must say, Travis, that I have gotten so much more fangirly over you than when we got to talk to Vic. That's saying a lot XD
Travis: Vic is such a stud though

Travis: DBZ, it was my first love
Nanashi Alpha: Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to walk by again? </pathetic>
Travis: I wanted to be a saiyan
Travis: Walk by again, it makes it more interesting

ryoumi monkii: Travis, would like to see a picture of Super Saiyan Roy? o_o;
Piano Raiel: *goes to fetch*
kuno no bokken: oh god...
Travis: ah, the merge w/havoc, there you go
o aberration: yes!
kuno no bokken: you people are going back to my photoshop war page, aren't you?
Nanashi Alpha: Oh god....sex....@_@
Rinoa4000: lol, i love that
Travis: sex?
Rinoa4000: sex.
Nanashi Alpha: Yes please?
Piano Raiel: http://www.firebirdie.net/fmapwar/psimages/Fullscreenbypwx.gif <--roy/DBZ crossover
Travis: where did this chat go
Kitty Girl Met: Hell-con

tehdarkneko: Which FMA character would you most like to see in a miniskirt?
Travis: Hawkeye, in a miniskirt...in my private office

tehdarkneko: Travis, how many people have asked you to marry them so far?
Travis: No marriage proposals yet
tehdarkneko: Oh..
tehdarkneko: well.
Kitty Girl Met: ahhh~
ryoumi monkii: o_o;
tehdarkneko: Will you marry me?
kuno no bokken: i hate gloomy weather. it makes me want to sleep.
Nanashi Alpha: None yet?
Nanashi Alpha: DAMN YOU
kuno no bokken: there's your first one. o_O

Travis: so, who did i get married too?
tehdarkneko: Me!
i heart takanori: Me?
erase andrewrite: all of us?
Homunculus Wrath: ...Gimpy. XD
Nanashi Alpha: Please?
ryoumi monkii: lol
kuno no bokken: screw it, just consider us your harem.
kuno no bokken: or something.
Nanashi Alpha: Yes
ReallyEvilHippo: lol
Travis: Sweet. a platoon of wives.
kuno no bokken: in miniskirts

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