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Winry's dub voice actor. ^^

Well, everyone is discussing Travis's introduction as Roy Mustang tonight in the dub. I was very impressed myself. Vic is growing better and the scene in which the human transmutation went wrong was wonderful. Great job conveying the emotion by Ed and Al. ^^

I also really loved Winry though. I think her introduction was great, and I believe she'll improve even more as older!Winry.

Since I haven't seen much on it, I just wanted to give a bit of information on her voice actor... Caitlin Glass. This is Caitlin's second anime role, her first being Yuzaki Hiyono in "Spiral ~Suiri no Kizuna~" (Another excellent dub that came out for English release last week by Funimation.)

When you hear anime dub studios say they're always looking for new talent, Caitlin Glass is an example of the actors they seek. Glass said she got her break at Funimation when she went on a tour of the company's Fort Worth studios. When one of Funimation's directors heard that Glass had been a theater major at the University of Texas at Arlington, she was asked to go into a booth and read a line. That's how her dub acting career started, which led to her first anime convention panel appearance at AnimeFEST. "A half hour ago I signed my first autograph," Glass said. "I was so excited I almost peed my pants." Starting as a voice actors hasn't been easy for Glass, who remembered a session where she kept missing her cues to begin her lines; a sympathetic director calmed her by saying that everyone makes the same mistake. Then there was a Full Metal Alchemist session where she had to scream and cry. "One part would be good and another would be terrible." Eventually, Glass got so frustrated that, not acting this time, "I screamed and bawled in the booth - but that turned out to be good because I had to cry and scream through the rest of the episode."

(From Fansview.)

I had the privilege of meeting Caitlin at AnimeFEST along with a few friends of mine. (Although that pic is from Akon.)

She's a very sweet gal, who seems quite excited about voice acting. You know the above 'first autograph?' That was actually our group. She was so surprised! One of the Funimation staffers (Mike Mcfarland, one of the directors of the FMA dub) mentioned her being around and told us to go look for the girl who looks like Yuzaki Hiyono wearing a Bulma shirt. She does look like her, especially since she had her hair styled the same that day.

That's the postcard Vic (Edward) and Caitlin signed for us.

We were in "InuYasha" costumes that day (Saturday), but I decided that I'd love to get a picture of her when I was in my Winry costume on Monday.

That's me with her on the last day at the con. ^^;;;

Anyway, just a bit about our experience with Caitlin at (what I believe was) her first con.
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