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yo people ^^

I guess that this is my obligatory newbie post (although you may have seen me comment here and there before).

So, ermmmmm, I got into FMA because of pegasus_01: basically we've been looking for a series to cosplay as at Japan Expo 2004 since the end of the previous edition of said convention, and one day she hysterically IM's me with something along the lines of "OMG! we HAVE to do FMA, it's the coolest series ever!"

so yeah ^^;;;

since then I am totally obsessed witht his series eventhough I've only read the TW scanlations (because BitTorrent is mad at me for some reason and keeps maxing my badwidth...) but do not worry, I WILL get the anime soon! bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

herm, right, ignore that.

I was actually going to wait to do this post untill I had something worthwile to contribute (read: fanfic 'cause I can't draw to save my life) to this community but, well, I drew this amusing little thing on the train today and Joan convinced me put it up here.

This was brought on by the idea that we should make panels to walk with around the convention hall. Ed's had to be "will yaoi for cookie" knowing pegasus_01's addiction to cookies and our predilection for on-stage yaoi during our cosplay's...

anyway, the result of "what would Envy(Joan) and Roy(me) walk around with?" is this:

yes, stick figures IS the best I can do

so that's it for this newbie post (...how do you end a newbie post anyway?) so good afternoon/evening/night/morning (choose as applicable) to you all and err...ROY FOR PREZ!

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