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It has ROY.. and it has ED !!

piyo: (..but unfortunately they don't end up together. xP)
agnes: (We have a better alternative.)

piyo: Well, well.. aren't all you people tired of all those angsty FMA-pairings ?! Wouldn't it be nice to see some happy, happy couple once in a while ?!

agnes: Especially if you had enough of seeing same couples all the time...let's try something different today. Something that noone thought of, yet it would work perfectly.

(Well we are sorry.. but we have to draw a line here. So more after a LJ-cut. Which.. sorry.. is PG-rated.)

piyo: Did you expect them to just bake cookies together ?? xD

agnes: and milk cows...tho they do that anyway.

piyo: Oh cows.. while we're at it.. Mr. Arakawa.. we are deeply sorry but..

agnes: ゴメン。The fandom is unstoppable!

piyo: OHH~ It fits SOO perfectly !! Really.
Soo perfect.. it makes me sobb. *sobb*

agnes: And legal one too! Both charas are fully adult ( well, the armor looks quite old, doesn't it? ).

piyo: Oh I bet the armor is very very old. So everything should be alright with the law *nods*
And they fit together so perfectly too !! What can be better in a relationship than sharing same likes and dislikes ?!

agnes: And to make it more interesting, the pairing is sweet and caring in the daylight, while it gets more spicy at night >XD.

piyo: Ohohoho~ that is right people !!
So If you want to find out more about this sweet sweet couple..

..which happens to be Alphonse and Roy..

agnes: For hardcore fans, that will surely sprout now, we also bring illustrations to the whole story behind their relationship...

piyo: So if you REALLY want to know how it all started.. and why Roy washes his Al so gently..
See this nice nice story drawn in kiddie-vision to make content look even sweeter. Aww~~

the beginning
love punishment

agnes: We told you it's getting better at night *wink*

(euroteasisters also would like to say 'THANK YOU' to episode 16.. for being such a great source of inspiration and pointing out that Colonel R. Mustang is a masochist.)

he wants it himself

piyo: YES! The colonel is a masochist *points at screengrab fiercely* He begged the Fuhrer for punishment !! Ohhhh~~
(who's the little whore of the millitary NOW ?! xD)

agnes: ..while constantly oogling at the couch. He looked dissapointed when Fuhrer said it's fine too XD.

piyo: Yes.. no slaps for Roy this day. And no leather couch either..

agnes: He has to mess up his work more XD. I'm sure he will soon.

piyo: Yes, the cunning little bastard he is. this also explains why Roy has to wash Al.. *cracks* It's master/slave stuff... XDDD

agnes: so yess XDDD


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