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If I'm not allowed to do this, let me know and I'll delete the post.

But I figured it was worth a shot.

I want like a family portrait or a drawing or something like that of Riza/Roy/Ed.

I was wondering if anyone around here would be willing to draw one for me.

I would pay you back with fic or whatever pairing/genre you'd want. I want a pic of it, but I can't draw, nor can I find anyone who could draw it for me. :)

Then I remembered: "Hey! People on the communities do fanart all the time!" And thus, here I am.

And, if you need inspiration, or you're just confused about what I'm talking about, I have fics dedicated to the threesome.

And, like I said, if I'm completely off-base in asking, let me know and I'll delete this as soon as I can.

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