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Even though it was only for a couple of minutes, Vic came to see us in the chat.
I was talked into inviting him, and he came even though he was busy! *kinda feels bad for disturbing him*

Vic has entered the room.
Vic: heyguys
mika the ninja: hey ^^
NekoHaruko Pichu: Hi Vic
SporksRock129: hi!
Momijizukamori: *waves hello* ^^
i heart takanori: hi@
Kaitou Meiryosa: O.O Oh!
Vic: I'm swamped but just thought I'd say hi :-)
NekoHaruko Pichu: You came at an exellent time
AndroideEllipsis: Hi. =3
Kaitou Meiryosa: Hello Vic! ^.^
Vic: ready for episode 3?
mika the ninja: yes~~
NekoHaruko Pichu: Yes!!!
Momijizukamori: Looking forward to ^^
i heart takanori: i am ^_^
SporksRock129: very
Kaitou Meiryosa: Oh yes! ,3
Kaitou Meiryosa: er <3
Kaitou Meiryosa: Very much so
Vic: it is really powerful....
AndroideEllipsis: Yes~ =3
Vic: I hope you like it :-)
NekoHaruko Pichu: How tall are you?
mika the ninja: we will =)
Vic: let me know after Saturday, K?
Kaitou Meiryosa: We shall!
Momijizukamori: Sure ^^
AndroideEllipsis: Sure. n__n
i heart takanori): of course :D~
SporksRock129: Yep!
NekoHaruko Pichu: okie
Momijizukamori: (This chat will probably _still_ be going then XD)
mika the ninja: ^_^;; yewah
SporksRock129: XD
mika the ninja: *yeah
Kaitou Meiryosa: Yeah, this chat has a perchant for not dying
i heart takanori: (it will probably live forever)
AndroideEllipsis: This chat will NEVER die. XD
SporksRock129: neveeerrr...*twitch*
Vic: great! Chat on!!! love yall!! gotta run!
i heart takanori: ok
Kaitou Meiryosa: Bye now! Have a good day!
NekoHaruko Pichu: ok!
Momijizukamori: Okay, bye!
NekoHaruko Pichu: Bye
AndroideEllipsis: ATek care, Vic. =3
i heart takanori: bye, and thanks for stopping by!
Vic: anytime :-)
Vic has left the room.
AndroideEllipsis: *TAKE CARE x__x
Kaitou Meiryosa: *goes and has a fangirl freakout in the corner*

I made sure to cut out his sn, so now I don't feel so bad. :P
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