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Just thought I'd say Hello and introduce myself.
So, Hello!

I've been a fan of FullMetal Alchemist since July 17th, 2004, when I saw it at Animethon in Edmonton, Alberta.

Ohhhmygod. I've read the scanlated (it's a word..) mangas and seen a few episodes and...squee! x_x

Anyway, yeah. I'm Steph. Hi. -Wave.-

You can probably expect some weird crack fictions and pairings from me in the future, maybe some fan art ... if I get off me lazy arse.

I would have joined sooner, but up until recently Livejournal would not work for me at all.
I suppose I'll shut up now. ^_^ Adios.

No shutting up; it was brought to my attention that I kinda missed the whole reason for my post.
My heartfelt apologies.

My question is if anyone has any idea if FullMetal Alchemist is being aired on any stations in Canada, or if it ever will be in the near future.
Same thing for the manga; is that coming out in English some time soon?

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