Tasha (tasha_mac) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Result of "crack pairings of doom"...

...and me and a friend angsting all night over the lack of tasty Russell/Ed. It could so happen. ;_;

Anyway, in response to this, I bring you an icon. And, in case I wasn't supposed to make a whole new entry for my response (^^;), I also made another one from a scene I ran across while getting screengrabs for the first icon.

I'm not sure if there's spoilers, beyond that these people exist and they do these general things. The screengrab for the second icon came from a later episode, but it doesn't really show anything.

For the record, I'm actually an Al/Winry fan, but I couldn't help adding that last little bit in the animation. XD

And, now...did anyone notice where Roy sat when they all had dinner at the Rockbell home? Yeah, they just made it look like Hawkeye had been sitting with him...

If you take, credit plz. XD

I just found out that the maximum size for LJ icons was upped to 40kb. That made me so happy. T-T

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