The Fallen Emperor & The Loyal Knight (loveableneko) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Fallen Emperor & The Loyal Knight

New music video

hello coming again out of lurkdom to come and present you all with a new music video i have made, i'm very happy with how it came out overall, this video is basically about the series overall though i think the video focused on the brothers a bit more than I had planned lol, and it's more of a LONG trailer to the entire series

to all the noobs who have just found out about the series through adult swim you may want to stay FAR FAR away from this video as it's has ALOT of Spoilers anyway only members of the site can watch the video for now, i might have my friend host it later on

hope you all enjoy it!

if you want to see it and can't wait just IM me on msn or aim which can be found on my info page
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