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Fic: Namida (No spoilers what-so-ever!)

Title: Namida (Tear)
Genre: Err...angsty smut? o_O; Mildly PWP
Rating: R, definitely. ^^;
Pairing: EnvyxEd
Summary: All that Edward wanted was time to himself after having arrived in Central. What he received however, was an unwanted visitor with a different agenda...

There was just something about sitting down after a long day’s work – or aimless wandering – with a small square box from which filtered the tempting, mouth watering smell of a warm cinnamon roll. He could just picture the warm, melted icing slipping over the edges to gather at the bottom of the white box. Mouth-watering was putting it lightly. Edward pried the box open, taking a moment to look at the sight he’d been picturing before pulling a piece of the edge apart to slip it between his lips. In his mind, any day could be made better after dessert…or any type of food, but especially dessert. And so he sat there on his small bed, propped against the wall, legs extended in a V so that the little box sat on the mattress between them. He savored every piece that was tugged off the roll, paying little attention to the bits of icing that dripped down his fingers as he chewed the soft, sugary goodness he had only been able to find – this good – in Central. It was perhaps the only thing he looked forward to when they arrived in the busy city.
The early afternoon sun streamed in from the window across the room, left slightly ajar to allow the faint warm breeze to slip within. It was just as he slipped one of the few remaining pieces between glistening lips that Ed caught the faint movement across the room. It did not register at first, what his golden visage was offering him. It did not register even seconds later when he saw the familiar figure drop gracefully from the perched position on the windowsill to the hard wooden floor of the small bedroom. In any order circumstance, he would think himself to be hallucinating – sleep deprived as he had been over the last couple of days, it would not be surprising – but this, as unreal as it felt, would not be something he’d have the creativity to imagine. Not when the supposed hallucination featured his latest worst nightmare, prowling toward him with such predatory gaze upon unnaturally colored eyes.
Edward froze, sticky fingers hovering over the box in which still remained one last piece – the inner center, the most delicious bit of the roll. Wide golden eyes skimmed downward as the unwanted visitor – the bastard, the walking nightmare, the source of his anger – dropped to the floor halfway across the room. If anything, the catlike movements of hands and knees sliding across the floor made him even more uncomfortable; left him speechless without even the anger he could so easily summon under normal circumstances. There was nothing normal about this.
“What are you…” he had found his voice – barely, as his body twitched, reacted and buried him against the wall as far as he could go, shrinking against the pale white surface.
The mattress shifted slightly, long fingers sliding upon the edge, followed by haphazard, gravity-defying strands of deep emerald-black. And that grin – the grin he’d grown to despite with all his might was flashed just a couple of feet before him. “Are you not going to finish your dessert, o-chibi-san?” Envy purred in his usually mocking tone as that androgynous body slid upward, knees resting upon the edge of the mattress.
It was only then that anger fired up – perhaps out of instinct at hearing such a word. Lips parted, brows furrowing as a breath gathered in his lungs to release a string of over-exaggerated words when all thoughts were frozen by the warm set of lips and tongue that had attached to his left hand. He idly felt the cool grip around his wrist, his senses refusing to give him any more other than the thought, the sensation of that hot tongue lapping at glistening, sticky fingers, cleaning them of the icing that would have otherwise have gone to waste.
Edward gasped, squirming further against the wall. “What do you think you’re doing?!” He snapped, yanking his hand back only to be further surprised by the two fingers that held the last remaining piece of the cinnamon roll between them, hovering right before his lips.
“Open up~”
“I am no-!” A blink. A faint growl in the back of his throat and yet there was nothing more he could do once the bit of sweet fluffy dessert was shoved into his mouth. The fingers that lingered against his lips created a distraction.
“You’re supposed to chew now, chibi-san.”
How dare he waltz in here – how the hell did he get in anyway?! – and invade his private space and not even pose a threat. Or rather, pose a threat he knew how to deal with! …before he realized it, he was chewing, savoring that last piece, though trying now to slip away, put the distance between them that he needed in order to get a proper grasp upon his senses. At least he was not suffering from multiple bruises as he usually did after meeting the psychotic bastard. The dubbed Fullmetal Chibi went nowhere; however as he saw rather than felt those warm lips travel along cool metal digits, cleaning away all the remaining icing that had stained the grey surface in translucent pearl.
“Stop that…” he muttered once swallowing both the piece of roll and the shivers that threatened to betray him.
Violet eyes, intense, hungry stared up at him. A wide, devious grin spreading over his intruder’s lips, even as that tongue was occupied at lapping the sweet goodness off those unfeeling metal digits. And yet, regardless of the fact that he knew he could not feel that taunting touch as lips suckled the last traces of icing from his fingers, a shiver tore up his back, finally betraying him to the bastard that had immediately caught it.
“Make me…” he whispered, releasing that metal limb in order to lean closer, upward, lips warm, full so near his own. Edward squirmed, tried to push him off, but only ended up trapped beneath Envy’s stronger body, wrists crossed and pinned above his head against the wall.
“Get off!” He squirmed some more, trying to throw his weight against him. Not even the extra strength induced by the automail could get him to budge. With his legs trapped as they were, pinned beneath Envy’s weight, there was little he could do.
“Did your mother never teach you proper table manners?” A slender brow was quirked, disappearing beneath the black headband for a few seconds. A grin spread over those lips as Ed glared furiously, fighting against him. Envy chuckled and leaned closer. “You’re a mess, chibi-san.” He added as that tongue snaked out to trace up his chin, gathering the crumbs and bits of sugary icing that had gathered along the corner of his lips.
Edward froze, eyes wide and staring at a strand of deep emerald tinted black. It looked soft now that he had the chance to look at it up close. Definitely touchable…even tug able. A deep crimson hue spread across his face; he felt the sudden tingly burn redden his cheeks. Just what he needed! To blush like a little schoolgirl, which is exactly what the damn bastard enjoyed.
He hated to be right when it came to such circumstances. Ed felt rather than watched the grin spread wider upon Envy’s lips. One last lap dampened the spot at the corner of his lips and with it the last signs of icing were effectively cleaned away. Blushing furiously, Ed refused to look at him. Fingers were slid down the length of his left arm, teasing every ripple of toned muscle, taut now by the strain applied to his pinned wrists.
“Are you done?” he growled, keeping his voice down lest it give him away. There was something absolutely sensual about this – erotic, even. It had to be a dream. Things like this just did not happen in real life – at least not to him! And if they did, they shouldn’t!
“Maa~ you’re blushing, chibi-san~” Envy eloquently pointed out as he sat up. Bare knees had settled comfortably on either side of his thighs, creating a graceful contrast of pale bare flesh against the thick black leather. Perhaps it was the realization of such physical contact, or the comment itself that got him flustered. Ed struggled once more, shoving his full weight against the thin androgynous body that had the audacity of pinning him in such a way. The retaliation appeared to have worked as Envy tumbled backward against the soft mattress, momentarily stunned by the sudden burst of strength. The Fullmetal chibi darted across the bed, thudding heavily upon the hardwood floor before scrambling desperately for the door. Envy was quicker to recover however and dashed across the room, cutting off the escape route before it was seen through. Edward came to a skidding halt, saving himself the humiliation of slamming head first into the pursuing homunculus, at the cost of coming to his knees upon the faintly polished floor.
“Leaving so soon, o-chibi-san?”
“Stop calling me that!!!” He exploded, beginning to rise but always keeping an eye on the closed door behind his intruding predator. “Get out of my way…” Envy stood far too casual, too cocky, too damn sure of himself. Anger boiled, but something he saw in those deep violet eyes cooled the anger only to replace it with something other – something of a desperate panic was he was beginning to feel like a caged animal with no where to turn. When the androgynous devil did not move, Edward reacted, throwing a well aimed fist at that pretty face. His cool metal wrist was grasped and tugged at – rather than shoved away as he had been prepared for. The tug took him off balance, causing a stumble which landed him flatly against the homunculus’ half-bare body. He felt an arm slide around his waist, securely holding him in place. His breath hitched in his throat; his golden eyes widened, getting a close-up look of how smoothly toned muscles rippled beneath the thin, skin-tight black turtleneck that left little for the imagination.
He silently fumed at the obvious height difference, now made so goddamn apparent.
Ed had no time to complain, though, as his chin was forcefully raised; his mouth – half-parted in the workings of protest – claimed by eager, sweet tainted lips.
He could taste the sugary goodness of icing upon those lips. They were soft – it had not just been his imagination before. Soft…kissable… though, surprise kept him from trying to put an end to it, much less to have any thought of acting upon the hormonal instinct that was screaming at him from inside his head. Envy took the lack of reaction as an open window to advance, an opportunity to snake that taunting tongue past his lips and into the hot cavern of his mouth, exploring possessively as fingers entangled into the once neat golden braid at the nape of his neck. A slight groan escaped Ed’s throat, lashes fluttering as he came to himself, even if the shock was still very much present. He cursed his body that reacted far too quickly to such demanding touches and would not allow him to register the fact that he was not quite pinned any longer.
As if his mind had been read, he felt himself spin around and slam harshly against the wall right beside the closed door that would lead to his freedom and probably his sanity. The interest was no longer there, however. His mind clouded, thoughts buzzing dimly in his head. Time passed without him knowing, eyes closed, lips responding to the touches pressed to them, limbs shifting as he felt fingers pry the soft material of his shirt from him. Despite the warmth of the afternoon, the sudden chill of finding himself stripped to the waist caused a shiver to race up his back.
There was no time to think of what was happening, no time to formulate the facts correctly, the reasoning of his desperate hold around that thin body, fingers clawing at his bare back beneath the tight shirt, the yearning betrayed upon the wanton look on his face as lips traveled down the side of his neck, leaving chills in their wake. It was easier not to think and simply feel. Feel the fingers that unbuckled his heavy belt, threw the bridge of his pants aside. Feel the weight of that body pressed so tightly to his own, the possessive nature of those hands as they roamed his body, sliding curiously along the heavy metal sheets that composed his automail.
“Stop playing around…” he heard himself gasp, watching through half lidded golden eyes. Edward breathed heavily, chest raising and falling with harsh gasps he attempted vainly to control to no avail.
Being rewarded with a chuckle was perhaps not what he had been expecting, and thus he glared as best he could from behind messy bangs.
“And I thought you had wanted me to leave.” Envy chimed cheerfully, pulling those bangs out of the shorter one’s face. Lips hovered close and Edward held his breath. A slight nip tugged at his bottom lip, which was by then faintly bruised and potty. He flinched slightly and tugged at whatever strands he could wind his fingers around, pulling them apart momentarily once more as he gasped quietly.
It had long occurred to him that he was in no control of this situation, he had even begun to accept the fact but taunting was something he would not tolerate. He was already toyed with on a daily basis, he did not need it now… not that any of this was even healthy for his mental sanity, but such considerations were far from his mind at the present moment. He met Envy’s amethyst eyes for a moment and released the hold he had upon those emerald tinted strands, leaning heavily against the wall behind him. Lips were dampened, gaze shifted toward the ceiling upon which danced the shadows cast by the afternoon glow that filtered within the small bedroom.
The ceiling was no longer available to him as the center of attention as he felt himself rise in the air, sliding upward against the wall. Hands instinctively went for the black clad shoulders in front of him. Ed felt his pants being tugged further down, exposing him to the comfortable warmth of the room and could not help the flush that spread over his face.
It was also then that reality slapped him in the face. How could he allow this to happen? How could he be so calm – or rather, so eager for something like this? Something he was also not completely naïve to, but not exactly an expert at. His chance to escape had come and gone, however. His chance to put an end to it had expired the moment he was pulled into the sensuality of the moment.
Edward cried out, all thoughts disappearing from his mind, at the none-too-gentle entrance that jarred pain through his senses. Legs wrapped tightly around Envy’s bare waist, pulling him closer and keeping him there as he gasped harshly, trying to relax, though finding it virtually impossible. He had a faint moment to wonder just what had been used since despite the near forceful entry, he could feel some sort of lubrication having been used. The reasonable half of his mind was easily shut up, soon there after as a palm slammed into the wall beside his head. He was not the only one loosing control.
A small whimper escaped his lips as Envy shifted, inadvertently striking a spot deep within him that caused white flashes to spark behind his eyes. The pain was ever-present, though gradually consumed by something other – more primal. Arms had wound tightly around his present lover’s neck; muscles twitching with the strain implemented upon them. Envy too shuddered with each and every movement taken which seated him deeper within Ed’s eager body.
Combined gasps hushed the constant drone that filtered through the opened window; the gradually rising volume of previously quiet cries made it completely obsolete. Ed screamed only minutes later, throwing his head back with a harsh thud against the wall. He hardly felt it as his body shuddered pleasantly and continued to do so as the other finalized his own satisfaction.

It all seemed unreal now that he sat upon the floor, half covered in the clothes he had been wearing not long ago. The afternoon light was gradually filtering to deeper hues of red with the approaching sunset. The sound of metal scrapping the floor was the only sound within the small bedroom now. It felt so empty, alone. The perfect representation of his being at the moment. So used, violated…and the worst part was that he had enjoyed it, urged it on, sought that touch, that kiss, that pressure of mingling bodies, of the sweat that had gathered at his brow, the evidence of their actions. Maybe in some foolish part of his mind he had actually expected it to end differently. It was foolishness; a child’s dream of an impossibly happy end to a meaningless act of lust.
Maybe he had wanted the bastard to stay…maybe he had wanted to bed led back to bed, let to rest, let the pain to cease burning spots he never thought could hurt this bad. Maybe he had expected something other than a cold, sardonic smile upon those lips he had thought so soft, so kissable. Something other than the release of his body onto the floor, onto the pile of clothes that had been discarded. Something other than the look of victory in those mirthful amethyst eyes as he left in the exact same way he had entered earlier on: through that window, no longer ajar but left completely open – a blatant metaphor he had easily seen.
Edward cursed under his breath, voice shaky with betrayal, with his own naïve stupidity. He felt the burning hot touch of tears at the corner of his eyes, but would not allow them to fall. It had been years since he had last shed tears, he would never shed them now for himself. His right fist slammed into the floor as he glanced up at that unveiled window, swallowing the hurt at the back of his throat.
The glistening drops at the corner of his eyes did not fall.

- - - - -
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