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I've been readihng alot of alchemical texts lately and found some things that are most amusing.

Everyone know that book from episode 3? When Ed and Al are in the basement of there house about to do human transmutation. Incase you don't remember...

Page 1 on the left side-

I also found the second page from the same book but I was to lazy too forgot to get a picture of it. ^^;

Also just something else I found in another book

I've also amused myself with other things. Fandom does stuff. >.> My mind has cracked. x.x

This is a little past date but oh well! A pumpkin is a pumpkin. (Note: I took this picture around halloween though)

Drew on my hand! Yay for Taisa! (brain melted... please ignore any stupid comments I make)

Tis all
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