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Episode 2 Transcription and Comparison - part 2

Now for the second half!


I couldn't get any sleep at all...
chittomo nemurenakkata ze...
How could I sleep after last night?

The bell is gone...
kane ga, nai...
Where's the...bell?


Can you feed me, since my arms are like this now...
tabesasete, te ga kore dakara. aaan!
Great, you came to feed me! And I thought you were mad!
[He makes the weirdest 'Aan!' sound in English. Really sounds like he's sticking his tongue out.]

Was he really... your boyfriend?
...hontou ni... anta no koibito datta no ka?
I hope he's real rose. I just don't want you to get disappointed.


The Philosopher's Stone was our little secret... Remember?
Kenja no Ishi ha watashitachi dake no himitsu... deshou?
The real secret behind that Philosopher's Stone stays between us, right, love?


Kain, I'm sorry... But I, um, wanted to talk with you a little.
Kain, gomennasai... anno, doushitemo sukoshi dake hanashi wo shitakute...
Sorry Kain, I know you're healing. But, I just needed to talk. So much has happened and I'm confused.


High Priest! Um, I'm sorry for barging in like this... ["taking the key..."]
Kyoshu-sama! Ano, moushiwake arimasen. muran de kagi wo...
I'm sorry, Father! I shouldn't have taken the key without asking, but I just needed to see...

I'm sorry, Roze. Even with the power of the Philosopher's Stone, all I can do is sacrifice the lives of the birds to God, and transer those into another body. Did you not like the chimera that prattles like Kain?
sumanai ne, Roze. Kenja no Ishi no chikara wo motte shitemo, tori tachi no inochi wo kami ni sassage, betsu no mono ni sono inochi wo utsushi kaeru no ga seiippai de ne. Kain no koe de saizuru kimera wo o-ki ni messanakatta ka na?
What's wrong, Rose? You got your wish. I'm afraid that even with the stone I couldn't forge a human soul. I had to use the souls of these birds. You know, they can be quite adept at mimicking the human voice. You shouldn't have acted against me, Rose. You've fallen out of the Sun God's favor.

Say hello to Kain for me.
Kain ni yoroshiku.
Give the real Kain my best.

Ro...ze... Ro...ze...
Rose... Rose...!
[Kudos for the effects on Kain's lines. As opposed to just sounding typical, they make it kind of sound like a bunch of birds squealing in unison. Creepy.]

Only one other knows the secret of the Philosopher's Stone now.
Kenja no Ishi no himitsu wo shiru mono ha atto hitori.
There's only one soul left who knows the secret of the stone, but not for long.

It is dangerous here. Let's go. Hurry.
Koko ha abunai, ikou. Hayaku.
I guess I don't need to tell you it's dangerous here. Come on.


Your fraud will go public soon.
Douse anta no petten ha sugu ni shireru.
This little charade of yours will be found out soon enough.

The believer's cannot tell the difference between alchemy and miracles. No, alchemy and miracles are the same to them, and it makes them happy...
shinja tachi ni renkinjutsu mo kami no miwaza mo kubetsu wo tsukumae. iya, karera wo shiawase ni yatteru[] imi de mo onaji koto da.
The faithful are not likely to distinguish between alchemy and the works of god. Really, as long as I'm bringing them happiness what do they care where it comes from?

Yeah? And how does this benefit you?
He? Sore de anta ni ha nanno toku ga aru?
Right, so what's in it for you, besides all the cowtowing?


The basic tenet of alchemy is the principle of equivalent trade. To gain something, you must pay something that is equivalent in value. My brother is called a genius, but he earned it through hard work. That is why he is who he is now.
Renkinjutsu no kihon ha touka koukan. Nani ka wo eyou to suru nara sorenari no daika wo harawaneba naranai. Niisan mo tensai da nante iwareteru kedo, douryouku to iu daika wo haratakara koso. Ima no niisan ga arunda.
It's alchemy's basic pricinple. To obtain, you have to give up something of equal value. People say Ed's a prodigy, but that's just because he paid with enough effort.

[Rose] But how did you survive those statues?
[Al] Easy really, Ed handled it.
[The lines bleed over Al's last lines]

But you two paid the price, right? An arm, a leg, and a body... But you are trying to regain them now. What happened to your mother?
Anata tachi ha daika wo harattandeshou. Ude to ashi to, karada... nannoni ima wo sore wo torimodosouto shiteru. Okaasan ha, dounattano?
The two of you really have paid a hefty price, haven't you? An arm and a leg... a body. And yet here you are now, trying to get it all back. What about your mom? What happened to her?
[She doesn't sound convincing here at all... Sounds more patronizing... -_-]

I think it's about to begin.
...Satte, soro soro hajimaru ka na?
I should get started. It's about time.

So you were after the money after all.
yappari kane ga mokuteki ka?
Why, is it the money you're after?



I can get as much money as I want through donations from my followers.  What I want are believers who are willing to sacrifice their lives for me. They believe that I can resurrect people, so they do not fear death. Those believers will eventually become the ultimate army. Just watch! I will begin subjugating this country in a few years!
Kane hodo, shinja no gifu[] de ikurademo te ni haeru. watashi ga ettakatta mono ha, watashi no tamenara yorokonde inochi wo suteyouto shiteru shinja tachi da. karera ha, watashi ni yoru fukkatsu wo shinji, shi wo mou osorenu. Sore ha yagatte muteki no gundan to naru. miteru ga ii! watashi ga suu ne no uchi ni, kono kuni wo kiritori ni kakaruzo!
Oh, I can get all the money I want from the offerings. But you think too small. I'm making believers who would gladly throw away their very lives in my name. And why not? They believe I can ressurect them. They aren't afraid to die. There is no greater army than those with a holy call. Mark my words. In a few years I'll have a following large enough to tear this country apart! And rebuild it - in my name!

I don't care about that.
sonna koto ha dou demo ii.
Makes no difference to me.


You can't revive anyone, right?
datte, anta hontou ha dare mo ikikaeraseru koto nanza, dekiyashinain darou?
After all, there's no real way to bring people back to life, right? Once you cut me down I'm gone for good.

Of course! Even if you try to perform human transmutation using the Philosopher's Stone, the outcome is unpredictable. Why should I make the risk for a believer...
Atarimae da! Kenja no Ishi wo tsukattemo jintai rensei nado sureba nani ga okoru ka wakaran. Naze watash ga taka ga de aru shinja no [] tameni sonna... kikken wo...
I'm afraid that's right. Even with the Philosopher's Stone, I wouldn't dare try human alchemy. I'd end up like you. And why would a king risk his life for the sake of his mindless pawns? Wait a second...

What?! How... How long has that microphone been on?!
Na-nani?! Itsukara da... Itsukara mike wo?
What!! How long has that thing been on?!

Ever since you came here.
Anta ga koko ni kite kara zutto.
Long enough for the 'mindless pawns tearing this country apart' comment, I think.

How did you get my broadcastin equipment?
Do-douyatte watashi housou kyudai wo?
How did you get my broadcasting equipment?!

My little brother did it. Oh, the one who go caught yesterday was just some junk I transmuted to look like him.
Otouto ga chotto ne. Aa, kinou yarattara ha, otouto nisete rensei shita tada no garukuta dakara.[]
Al rigged it up. I know, you smashed him into pieces. But that was just some metal I whipped up to look like him. Pretty clever, huh?
[Second (and technically third) absense of 'otouto.' So far, Ed has yet to call him his 'little brother.']

No... Those are all lies! Do not believe him!
Chigau...Subete uso da! Shinjite ha naran!
No my children, he lies! Don't believe him!

Didn't I tell you? You're inferior to us.
Itta darou? Kaku ga chigau te yo.
Oh, and by the way, I don't get my skills from a pocket watch!
[It's funny to imagine Al from the Hagaren TV special saying this instead of the original. ^_^]

High Priest! Was that broadcast true?
Kyoshu sama! Ima no hosou ha hontou nanno desuka?
Father, that broadcast! I don't understand, tell us what's going on?

I do not know what that heretic broadcast using my voice. But it is all a conspiracy. To prove it, I will elimate the heretic using the power of God. Behold the power of God!
ikyouto ga [?]atashi no koe de nani wo hosou shita no ka ha shiran. daga subete ha inbou da. sono akashi toshite, kami no chikara ikyouto wo shoumetsu saseru. Kore ga kami no chikara da!
My children, the non-believer has used his science to impersonate me! It is a conspiracy of the devil! But witness as the Great Leto redeems me with his vengeful light! Behold, God's power!

It's a miracle!
kiseki da!
Wow! God's power!

The statues of Leto are moving!
Leto no zo ga!
That has to be a miracle, what else could it be?

Just give it up.
ikagen ni shitokki na.
I'm warning you, give it up.

Without this, all you can do is transmute your auto-mail.
Kore ga nakereba omae ha seizei jibun no automail wo rensei suru no ha genkai darou.
Hmph. You didn't fool me with that little display down there. Without this the only alchemy you can perform is to your own metal arm!

Old man, I'll show you real wrath of God!
ossan, honmono no kami no testui, misete yaru wa!
Know what? You're not the only one who can't stand doubters preach!

Here's the real hamer of God!
[plays over the background]

This can't be! I couldn't move such a large object even with the Philosopher's Stone.
Bakana! Kenja no Ishi wo motteshitemo konna kyodai na mono ha...
I don't belive it! Not even the philosopher's stone could move someting as big as that!

The punishment he received had little effect on him. [The watch has nothing to do with it.] My brother is the Full Metal Alchemist.
tokei nante kankei nai. niisan ha, hagane no renkinjutsushi da.
Rings and watches have nothing to do with it. My brother is the Fullmetal Alchemist!

I'm not going to... I'm not going to hand over the Philosopher's Stone!
Watasan! kenja no Ishi wo watasanzo!
No! I won't let you have it! You can't take the stone!

A rebound?
What the... it's recoiling!
[They took out "Rebound!" Though, to be true, this is one of two times (ep 49) they say it in the anime. It shows up more in the manga. Heck, when Ed sees their human transmutation going bad (mangaverse - equivalent of episode 3) he calls it a Rebound.]

A fake... You caused all this trouble...made us go through all that hard work... And it was a fake? You've got to be joking!
Magaimono... haa, kore dake no sawagi wo okoshite, sanzan temakaki sasete niseimono deshita? 'Zakenna yo!
An imitation? After all this, all the trouble you put me through... even the stone's a fake?...Stop jerking me around!!


We went through all that for nothing. I thought I could finally return you to your real body.
Tonda muda ashi datta na. Yatto omae no karada wo motto ni modoseru to omotta no ni.
Just another wild goose chase. And here I thought we could finally put you back in the flesh again.

You should think of yourself first, Brother. The auto-mail has its troubles.
Boku yori Niisan no hou ga saki darou? Automail ha iroiro taihen nandashi.
No, Brother. You'll be the first we fix. That automail is so tough on you...
[first spoken instance of automail in these two episodes... as opposed to some three or so mentions of it before]

Fine, let's go look for our next clue.
Shouganai. Matta sugi sagasu ka?
Nothing left to do but start the search again.

What have you done... The Head Priest's miracles... They represented hope to us. If we believed, the dead would come back to life... That was our only hope!
Nante koto shite kuretano... Atashi tachi ni totte, kyoshu sama no kiseki ha kibou datta... shinjiteireba, shinda hito mo yomigaeru koto ga dekiru... sore dake ga, atashitachi no kibou datta!
You should never have come here. Father Cornello gave us hope. What right did you have to take that away? With him, we believed we could do anything, even bring back the dead! We're a desert village, we had nothing before that!

So you're saying we should've left it like it was?
Anno mama ni shiteokeba yokatta te iu no ka?
You're saying we should have just let everything go on as it was?
[not a convincing reading either... -_-]

What... What will be my reason to live starting tomorrow?! Tell me!
Atashi ha... ashita kara nani ni sugatte ikiteiba ii no?! Oshiete yo!
Well why not! What do I have to live for now that I know Kain won't come back! You tell me that, Ed!

Think about it on your own.  Stand up and walk forward. You have legs. ["strong/excellent/etc," take your pick, just make sure it doesn't sound like too much of a come on! ^^]
Sonna koto jibun de kangaero. Tatte aruke, mae e susume. Anta ni ha rippa na ashi ga tsuiteru ja nai ka.
You'll have to decide for youself. Walk on your own. Move forward. You've got a good strong pair of legs, Rose, you should get up and use 'em.
[Good of them to keep another series wide expression.]

I believe Brother did all that for your sake.
Niisan ha, kimi no tameni shitanda to omou yo
Brother was trying to help you, he just, doesn't always handle things well.

It was uncalled for...
Yokei na osewa yo.
Just go away, would you?

We have seen many things.
Boku tachi ha, irona koto wo mitekita.
You can still believe... and hope, Rose. I still do...


What is going on? Wasn't that stone you gave me the real Philosopher's Stone?
Douiu koto da? Anta tachi ga kureta are ha, honmono no Kenja no Ishi ja nakatta no ka?
What's going on here! That damn boy was right! The ring you gave me wasn't the real Philosopher's Stone!

Of course not. This city was just bait. Those seeking the Philosopher's Stone will hear the rumor and flock to this city. Then...
Touzen yo. Kono machi ha esa datta no mono. Kenja no Ishi wo motomeru monotachi ha uwasa wo kiite koko ni atsumaru. Soshite...
Of course not. This village is nothing but a juicy bait. As rumors spread, real alchemists who've searched for the stone all their lives will come to me. And then...

Who are you? What do you want?
O-omae tachi ha nani mono da? Nan no tameni?
Cursed souls, who are you really? What are you after!

Lust, can I eat this old man?
Lust, kono ossan, tabechatte ii?
Come on, Lust. Isn't it time you let me eat the old preacher?
[...sad thing is, the voice doesn't even sound -that- miscast, it's just that the way they wrote the line ruins Gluttony's characterization. I only hope they do something about it later on. Gluttony used to be a character you could like at the very least because he was kind of cute in this 'Can I eat it?' way. Now he's not...! /end mini rant]


Where did that bastard Conero go?
Cornero me, doko he nigeyakatta?
Where'd that miserable preach run off to!

That fake priest...!
Nisei kyoshu me...!
Rotten fake, I can't believe we were duped!

What's this?
Nanda yo kore?
What do you think that's about!

What the hell was he doing here? How terrible...
Nani yatten da yo koko de? Hidee...
I don't know. Something messed up's been going on here.

High Priest?
Father Cornello?

It's a miracle...
Kiseki da...
[no dialogue]

Isn't he just using a trick of some sort again?
Matta inchiki ja nai no ka?
How do you know it's not another trick?

But they came back to life!
Datte ikikaeta zo.
You don't trick things to life!

While I was gone, it seems that a devil caused trouble here. Is everyone okay?
Watashi no rusu ni akuma ga warusa wo shita you daga. Minna buji ka ne?
It seems the devil has worked his wickedness while I was gone away. But I'm glad that you are all safe.

You are the real... the real High Priest?
Honmono no... honmono no kyoshu-sama desu ne!
I knew it cornello, I knew someone who gave so many joys couldn't be bad.

Conero-sama! We were being deceived by that kid! Yeah! Conero-sama!
Oretachi ha roukin[] damasaretan da! Sou da!
Yeah! Wohoo! Alright!

Envy, I'm sorry, but remain in that form for a little while longer.
Envy, Warui kedo shibaraku sono sugata de tanomu ha yo.
Good, Envy. I'm sorry, but we'll have to ask you to keep that form for a little while...


Long live Cornello!

[Al's voice from the last scene] We have seen many things. And I will tell you those stories. You must not walk the same path we did.  That is why I will tell you.
Bokutachi ha ironna koto wo mitekita. Sore wo kimi ni hanasu. Kimi ha, bokutachi to onaji michi ni kiicha ikenai. Sou omou kara.
Before we go, Rose, listen to me. My Brother and I have seen all sorts of things over our years of searching. And I need to tell you about them, so you don't repeat our mistakes...

We were born and raised in a small village called Rizenbul [Resembool/Risenburg]. It's east of Central City. Everything began there.
Bokutachi ga umare sodatta tokoro ha, Central no higashi ni aru, Rizenburu to iu chiisana mura da. Soko de subete ha hajimatta.
We were born and raised in a small village, east of Central, named Resembool. That's where it all began...
[Based on pronounciation - 'Reh-sehm-bool' - it appears they are going with the spelling that appears on the letters in episode three,"Resembool"]


[Ed] Mom! Look! Look!
Kaasan, mite mite!
[Al] Look, mom, look!
[Hey! Revenge for the episode one speech exchange! (just kidding...)]

What you got there?


Brother made it. I can only make something like this, though.
Niichan ga tsukutanda yo. Boku ha mada konna...
Brother made it! Isn't it awesome? I can still only do this one..
[Okay, though his acting may be rough, Al is still very cute.]

That's incredible, you two. You are indeed his children.
Sugoi ha, futari tomo. Yappari ano hito no kodomo ne.
Well, I think they're both gorgeous. You two really are his kids alright.

That People are not able to gain anything without sacrifices. You must present something of equivalent value to gain something. That is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy. We believed that was the truth of the world when we were young.
Hito ha, nani ka no gisei nashi ni, nani mo eru koto ha dekinai. Nani ka wo eru tame ni ha, douto no daika ga hitsuyo to naru. Sore ga, renkinjutsu ni okeru touka koukan no gensoku da. Sono koro bokura ha, sore ga sekai no shinjitsu datta, shinjiteita.
Humankind cannot gain anything, without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only truth.


Ending song visuals cut right before the montage part
(Fight scene; Ed yelling; Alponse injured; Ed at Trisha's grave...)

Ending song lyrics cut at:
Since I am so petty, I keep making the same mistakes...
Chippokena boku ha kurikaesu, ayamachi bakkari...


Full Metal Alchemist
Episode Three

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi
Dai San Wa

Fullmetal Alchemist
Episode Three

I loved Mom's lullabies. Mom's stew tasted like milk, but it was Brother's favorite. That is why we...
kaasan no koumori uta ha boku ga daisuki datta. Kaasan no stew ha milk-aji dattakedo niisan no daikoubutsu datta. Dakara, boku-tachi ha...!
What I remember most were her lullabies. For Ed, it was her stew, even though I thought it just tasted like milk. We loved her more than anything. That's why we had to try...
[I hold to the opinion that they messed up the intention of this line. The idea is that even though the stew tasted like milk - Ed's least favorite thing - Ed still loved it. Here it just sounds like Al thought it was bland. -_-]


Personal Favorite Line Change
Al: "You can still believe... and hope, Rose. I still do..."
(It was a 'prelude' line to his later speech to her, so no new dialogue was lost, plus it was sweet sounding.)

Personal Least Favorite Line Change
Gluttony: "Come on, Lust. Isn't it time you let me eat the old preacher?"
(No explanation needed, I assume.)

Line I Wish They Didn't Change
Cornello: "Did you not like the chimera that prattles like Kain?"
(It just sounded really evil and creepy, in a good way. The 'fallen out of the Sun God's favor' is just, eh, iffy.)


So, a few more "Brother"s this episode. Which makes me happy because they did not sound as awkward to me as many people thought they would sound. And actually, since the"'Ed"s are starting to become more invisible to me, I wouldn't mind if the series kept it like this. Personal opinion though. (I'll wait till episode 16 before I finalize this opinion... ^-^)

# of "Ed" - 3
# of "Brother" - 5

# of "Niisan" - 6

# of "Jintai Rensei" (Human Transmutation) - 3
# of Variants on Human Transmutation XD - 3 ("create human life," "alchemy on human souls," "human alchemy" -- hmm, no "Human Transmutation" though! ^^)
(So much for what Vic said!)

Apparently official dub spelling of 'Ed and Al's Hometown' - Resembool

Also, I only have Shisen-Sonchou's sub of Episode 3. So unless anyone has any serious complaints with their work, and/or wants to transcribe ANBU's subtitles, then we'll go with that. Otherwise I'll try to keep up with their translation mistakes. ^-^
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