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Episode 2 Transcription and Comparison - part 1

Another episode, another handful of changes.

In better news, it seems like the voices (of Ed and Al at least) are starting to get into their roles a little better. (Al showed emotion this episode!) If things keep increasing at the same rate they did from 1 to 2, then by episode 7 (Where Vic said he really felt comfortable with the role) it should be a much better dub. On the other hand, who knows how the bit characters will evolve from here out?

So, for your viewing pleasure, here is the dialogue of episode two - in subtitled form (from ANBU's translation), in original japanese (I was tired, so there are a lot more japanese mistakes in this one... ^^), and in english! Up to the commercial break!

Re-translations and snarky comments in brackets.

Last weeks can be found in these posts.


2nd Opening

L'arc 'en Ciel - Ready Steady Go


You tried to perform human transmutation? You violated the most forbidden taboo! Your body was  taken to the other side!
kisama, jintai rensei wo! saidai no kinki wo okashiota! Achira ni karada wo motteikareotta!
I see. Now I understand you, Elric. You crossed the line, you did what is strictly forbidden. You tried to create human life and your bodies were taken to the other side.

That's why his title is full metal! The full metal alchemist!
soreyue ni koyatsu no shougo ha hagane. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi!
You were crazy enough to find out for yourself! You are the Fullmetal... the Fullmetal Alchemist!
[All re-dubbed from the last episode]


Original (1st) Opening
Porno Graffiti - Melissa


--Body of Taboo--
--Kinki no Karada--
--Body of the Sanctioned--

I see, so that's how it is. I have been wondering why a kid like you had a stern title like "Full Metal."
naruhodo souka. naze konna gaki ga hagane nanzo to iu ikatsui shogo wo kagaketeiru to fushigi de naranakkata ga.
Well that does answer a riddle. Why the military would give a pup like you such a stern name: Fullmetal. But it's literal.

Roze, it is forbidden to transmute things to gold in alchemy. In addition to this, there is one other thing that has been forbidden by tacit agreement. Human transmutation.
Roze, renkinjutsu ha ougon no rensei wo kinjiteiru. sore to douji ni mou hitotsu, anmouku no i[] ni kinjirareteiru koto ga aru. Sore ga, jintai rensei.
See Rose, alchemists forbid their own from transforming lead into gold. But there is one practice more taboo. A technique forbidden by man and nature itself. Alchemy...on human souls!

Foolish children. You experimented with alchemy without even knowing the consequences!
orokana gakidomo me. Sonno mukui wo shirazuni, jintai rensei wo motte asonda na!
You miserable little boys. Dabbling in human alchemy without knowing it's penalties! You stepped on the toes of God!

No, we...!
Chigau! Boku-tachi ha!
You don't know the story!


We... just wanted to see Mom's smile again.
boku-tachi ha, tada... mou ichido kaasan no egao wo mittakatta dake da.
...But we just wanted...We, just wanted to see mom's face again. See her smile...
[This and the above are the best examples of Al being able to sound 'emotional' in the dub.]

But you failed!
daga shippai shita!
But you failed, didn't you!

Yeah, my little brother lost his body, and I lost my left leg and right arm. That is what happened when we tried to resurrect just one perosn with two people.
aah. otouto ha nikutai wo ushinai, ore mo hidari ashi to migi ude wo ushinatta. futari gakkari de hitori no ningen wo yomigaerasou toshite kono zama da.
Yeah, I'd lable that a failure alright. Al lost his whole body and I lost an arm and a leg. I ignored every signpost because I was reckless and I wanted it bad enough.
[In true adaption fashion, as Al can't call him 'niisan' so they take out Ed calling him 'otouto']

Roze, this is the result of trying to resurrect someone. Are you prepared to face the consequences?
Roze, hito wo yomigaeraseru tte no ha koiu koto da. Sonno kakugo ga aru no ka?
Rose, this is what happens when you try to bring back what's dead. You really want to go through with that?!

Do not worry. I have the Philosopher's Stone that Leto gave me. And I'm not an amateur like them. ["I am not weaklings like they are."]
Anzuru koto ha nai. Watashi ni ha Leto-shin yori sazukatta kono kenja no ishi ga aru.  Sore ni karera no you na mijuku mono demo nai.
Don't let them worry you, Rose. You forget that the great Sun God Leto has blessed me with the Philosopher's Stone. Besides I have far more experience than these heretic boys did.

Don't kid us! There are things that cannot be done no matter how much you try. [" matter what your payment."]
fuzakkena! donnani daishou haratemo dekinai koto ha aru!
Don't be stupid. No matter what kind of powers you have some things can't be done.

Then why do you seek the Philosopher's Stone? You must think that you will be able to transmute your mother if you use this. ["You must think your transmutation of your mother will work..."]
De ha naze kenja no ishi wo housuru? kore ga areba haha no rensei ga naru to omoteiru no darou!
Oh, then why are you so anxious to get the stone? You want to beat the laws of  equivalence just as I do, and bring your mommy back!

Stop assuming things, baldy.
kanchigai sunna hage!
Wrong, holy man!
[Thanks to discussions early, it appears the change was sort of a 'bald priest' type comment.]

We just want our regular bodies back. Although there is a chance that it might not work. ["That is, if it's possible to go back."]
oretachi ha motto no karada ni modoritai dake da. mottomo, modoreru kamo, dakedo na.
All we want is to get our bodies normal again. See, we don't lie about what's possible. We didn't start a cult!

We'll say this one more time. Please, give us the Philosopher's Stone.
mou ichido dake iimasu. kenja no ishi wo watashite kudasai.
We will ask one more time, please give us the stone.

National[State] Alchemist, God's wrath will fall upon you.
kokka renkinjutsushi, kisamara ni kami no ikari ga kudaru.
You are damned State Alchemist. May the wrath of God fall upon your head.

Get down here, you third-rate magician! [You third-rater!] I'll show you how inferior you are to us!
Orite koi dosanryu! Kaku no chigai wo misete yaru!
Stop hiding behind that crap! Get down here and I'll show you some wrath!
[And they lose the classic 'kaku no chigai wo misete yaru!' Sort of an Ed staple line.]


That was close. ["dangerous"]
Close call...Eheh.

High Priest!
kyoshu sama!
Father Cornello!!

Why you...!

Al! This way!
Al! kochi da!
Al! This way!

Fool, there is only one exit!
bakame! deguchi ha hitotsu da!
Idiots! You're running into a dead end!

If there are no other exits... I just have to make one!
deguchi ga nakereba...tsukuru mon ga!
...Like I always say, can't find a door? Make your own!

[no dialogue]

Hey, capture them!
oi! tsukamaero!
After them, now!

High Priest...
kyoshu sama...

[no dialogue]

That ring... Were the miracles alchemy?
sono yubiwa ha... kami no miwaza ha renkinjutsu nanno desuka?
Is it true what they said? That ring you're wearing, are your miracles just alchemy?

Some people prefer to call it alchemy. But I can do something that they cannot do. Sorry to keep you waiting.
renkinjutsu to yobu ka dou ka ha hito sorezore darou ne. Daga, karera ni ha dekinai koto ga watashi ni ha dekiru. Matasetta ne.
Just because you can explain a thing doesnt mean it's not the will of God, Rose. What matters is that I have been given the power to do things that no one else can. Let me show you...





Kain's soul has been resurrected thanks to our god Leto. His body should be complete in a few days.
Kain ha leto-shin no miwaza ni yotte mazu tamashii ga yomigaetta. nikutai mo atto suujitsu no ichi[] ni ha kanzen ni narou.
The Sun God's rewarded you for your faith, Rose. Your true love's soul has been resurrected. But the work is not finished yet. His body still needs a few more days.

High Priest... So this must be... the miracle of God.
Kyoshu-sama... kore ga kami no miwaza... nano desu ne.
I always believed it. This really has been the work of God. If Ed knew...
[This episode has been brought to you by shippers of Ed/Rose... XD]


We could have just taken the Philosopher's Stone, if that's what you wanted.
Kenja no Ishi wo ubau dake nara, dekinai koto mo nakatta no ni.
Why did they treat us like we're evil? If we really wanted the stone at all costs, we would have taken it by now.

Tonight, two heretics tried to kill our high priest! One is short, and the other is in some old armor. The head priest does not wish for people to be harmed.
koyoi, futarigaki no ikyouto[] ga, kyoshu sama no inochi wo neratta. hitori ga se ga fuku, hitori ha yoroi ni mi wo karandeiru.
People of Lior, this evening, a pair of unbelievers tried to take the life of the Great Prophet Cornello. One short and blond, the other wearing armor. Father Cornello asks you all to stay in your homes! He's worried for your safety. 

Go that way!
sochi da![]
We'll check the square!

[no dialogue originally]
Stay in? I'll tell you what I'll do!
They found them on Goma street!

He told us to refrain from going outside!
Please, take all necessary precautions.

It's these guys, all right. There's the short outsider kid.
machigae nai, koitsu da. se no hikui osoumono no gaki.
No question, guys. They're the ones. The short newcomer and his tinman!

Who did you say was a super-ultra short kid?!
dare ga ultra hyper dou chibi!?
Who are you calling a mousy little pipsqueak!?

I didn't say that!
ittenee darou ga!
Nobody said that, now back off!

Anyway, you'd better not resist.
tonikaku, otonashiku shite morau ka.
We got more, important, business to settle.

How dare you try to kill the high priest?
kyoshu sama no o-inochi wo nerau nante, nante koto!
What kind of depraved souls are you? How could you go after the prophet?!

A cute child like him tried to do that? How terrible!
hontou! konna kawaii kodomo ga, osoroshii!
We welcomed you here. You made us believe you were good!
[They turned a comedy line into a serious-ish one.]

Listen. His "miracles" are just the work of alchemy. By decomposing and recreating something...
iika? aitsu no kiseki ha tada no renkinjutsu! bushitsu no bunkai to saikouchiku de...
Look lady, I never asked you to believe anything, that's your priest! He's a phony, he's just using alchemy!

It's a lie! A moment ago, my boyfried Kain came back to me.
uso yo! Saki, watashi no koibito Kain ga kaetekita ha.
Liar! Just now, my boyfriend spoke to me. Cornello's bringing him back.

Congratulations, Roze. Kain lost his life in an accident, but he came back to life?
yokatta na, Roze. jiko de shinda Kain ga yomigaeteta no kai?
You mean ol' Kain we lost in the accident? He was a good kid! Good for you, Rose!

See? Roze is not the only one who's experienced such a miracle!
hora goran! Roze dake ja nai, hoka ni mo takusan irunda!
There, you see! He's not the first either! There have been many others who've come back!

Sou da!
She's right!

Yeah, she is right!
[extra background chatter. There's a lot more lines like this in the dubbed version]

If that isn't a miracle, then what is it?!
Kore ga kiseki de naku, nanda ttenda!
If that's not a miracle, tell me what is!

Has anyone actually met these resurrected people? Or maybe he said that those people left the city...
soitsura ni jissai atta yatsu ha iru no ka? minna sonno atto machi wo dette koto sarete...
Has anyone actually seen these people close up? 'Cause I heard they all left town as soon as they were brought back!

[no equivalent]

Another miracle!
The zircon statues!
You wanna call him a phony now?
[handful of scattered background chatter]

The statues of Leto are...
le-leto no zou ga...

It's a miracle!
kiseki da!



Give that back!
Give that back!

So this is the proof that you are a Nation Alchemist, eh? This is my first time seeing it.  The reason you are able to perform transmutations without a circle... is because this acts as an amplifier, correct?
kore ga kokka renkinjutsushi no akashi ka ne? hajimete miru. renseijin mo nashi ni renseishita miseta no mo, kore ga zoufukukki toshite hataraitte kara nanno darou?
So this is the official pocketwatch of the state alchemist? Never seen one close. It's the reason you can do alchemy without a transmutation circle isn't it? It amplifies all of your work. I think you'll be quite harmless without it.

**Commercial Break**

And that ends part one...


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