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Proof That I Am Easily Amused

Just this morning, I read ciceqi's fic Altered States. One can imagine my amusement when discussion during this afternoon's English class turned to the following.

Hua Mu Lan Greeting
Her Spirit-Husband

(Upon first meeting him at the Gobi desert)

I. Wedding Song
Among the words upon my back
Is pain, carved by a white dream
Of hands seeking to touch me
For sheer tenderness. The curved
Calligraphy of desire etched
Deep into my shoulderblades.
They carry white scars of the dream.

Now: take my armor off
And feel the slashed skin,
The textures of my waiting

And lay me gently on my back,
The words propping my need
To feel you trace for me
Other ideograms upon my body.

II. Dreaming Head of Fire
Where my ears curl
Around the distant sound
Of sea leavings, pull the lobes
Down, chant to me the ancient hymns
Of homing. Let the words

Name me to myself,
Whence I came, and why
I can fight all ghosts
Except one with fingertips burning,
Writing fire on my temples:

My dreaming head fevers
between your white palms.

If you remove the title, it would almost be perfect. And the funny thing is, the only part which had any concrete relation whatsoever to what was actually being talked about was the title >_

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