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i bring crack fic-age! AGAIN!

i blame this on ayuamarca
why do i blame them?
because they told me to write a crack fic instead of going to sleep! XDDD

so here it is

heres some fair warning!
this fic is created from lack of sleep and lack of caffiene
its a Ed x Alexander the dog fic and is also m-preg!
FEAR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now... onto the crack:

one day Edo was walking threw the desert
"i hate deserts" he said outloud to himself "their so full of sand... itd be better if they where full of potatoes..."
the for some reason an image of gluttony crossed his mind... why this is.... because gluttony reminds the writer of potatoes
so anyways
edo-kun is walking through the desert going on about how he hates sand and so forth

after awhile of walking he came across an oasis
and he was like "yay!!!!!!!!!! water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
and he ran towards it, flailing his arms around shouting "water" over and over again
as he got closer, he started to walk slower and more sneaky
much like that of a ninja
for he was actually a ninja
but thats beyond the point

but there where alot of palm trees there and he was like "OH NOES!! PALM TREES!!!"
so he ninja'd up to the water
and he leaned over to drink from it...
out of nowhere...
and he was like "woof? butt in the air = free hump-fest"
so he ran up and started humping Edo-kun
and Edo was like "OMG!WTFBBQPOATOTOES?!"
and alexander kept going at it
for he was a very horny dog
even though ed try to get him off.....

anyways! back on with the fic! since i dont want to write some kind of weird sex scene with the 2...

after a few months... Ed noticed he started to gain some weight...
and he was like "what the fuck?"
until one day he looked as big as a zepplin (did i spell that right?)
and people kept staring at him and he over heared some of the wishpers "who knocked that poor girl up" and such
and he got annoyed when people mistook him for a girl
he couldnt help that he was so damn pretty

this went on until one day he had sharp pains
and after being rushed to a doctor....
he had a baby
yes... he had a baby
how this happened?
i blame it on his pretty-ness

so he had a baby
and it was pretty cute
she had gold eyes and light brown hair
but she also had puppy ears and a tail

Al just stared at it for awhile before going completly ga-ga over her over all cuteness

Ed decided to name ZOE!!!

and they all lived happily ever after

until Gluttony decided to eat Alexander...

the end!

i go off to get some sleep now
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