Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Chat strikes back! Dub stuff

I am making too many posts to the group lately.

Vic was bold and brave enough to come back into FMAdub chat room. I have a better edited form of THAT chat. Before he consented to come into chat, he thanked me for not giving out his SN when I mentioned so many people asking for it.


I propose, since Vic, dub Ed, is so accessible for questions, that we compile a list of questions for him right here, in the replies to this post. Then, at a later date, those questions can be forwarded to him, and we can get replies and post them here.

Maybe even set up a PRIVATE chat with just a COUPLE people and Vic for question asking, and a large public chat where a spokesperson from the private chat with Ed shares teh replies.

Go ahead and post questions you may aim at other voices of the dub, and maybe even the voice casting and director people--who knows, maybe we'll be able to talk to one of them too! (Or the question list can printed out and taken to a con for people?)

My inbox is so flooded with reply notices from my first Chat post here tonight... It's just going to get more so now!
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