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Mm, dorkiness.

Okay, so in Crafts, we get to do all these projects in different mediums. Our second one was printing a shirt, and our third was a 2D pewter item (the first was a linoleum cutting, if you're interested). And we could do anything we wanted, so naturally, I did Hagaren-related projects =D I personally like the pewter items the best ^_^

That's the front of the shirt ^^;; Yeah, I did steal the episode 1 pose, but I redrew it ^^;; And the words say "edward elric - epitome of angst" XD

And that's the back. Al's saying (in case it's blurry, the scan's huge) "Nii-san, do you want a kitty?" and Ed's saying "God dammit Al, you're cramping my style!" XD Yeah. Poking fun at Ed's angstiness because I lurf him. *huggles Ed*

And then my personal favorite ^_^ Kimbley's palm's alchemy arrays, carved from pewter. I'm making them into a set of earrings, but I haven't gotten the hooks yet. The sanding isn't that good, but it's Kimbley, so it makes me happy. ^_^

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