amikitty (amikitty) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Searching for FMA 3rd & 4th OP/ED singers music videos

Hi! I'm searching for the japanese music videos of the singers of the 3rd and 4th Openings and Endings:

OP #3: "Undo"
Artist: Cool Joke

ED #3: "Motherland"
Artist: Crystal Kay

OP #4: "Rewrite"
Artist: Asian Kung-Fu Generation

ED #4: "I will"
Artist: Sowelu

Is there someplace I can download from? I searched bittorents but the ones I found came up dead. Is there a place I can download directly or through yousendit? Thanks.

[EDIT] I'm not looking for the FMA animation openings and endings. I'm looking for the japanese (JPOP) music videos actually showing the singers like a regular music videos you see on MTV.
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