angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke

two questions

I'll start off with the serious question first, which is also kinda fun. =D

Since FMA's aired on CN and we've all had fun seeing everyone's initial reaction, I want to ask to the older fans:

What were your first thoughts on this series based on the first episode? Any strange ideas you had about the characters (ie: thought Al was a robot)

Mine: The title made me think "oh, Full Metal Panic spinoff. I didn't like FMP. Boo. But it has "alchemist" in it. I'll give it a try." (SHOOT ME) The first time I saw it, I never got to even the title card because it was really late and the whole losing-limbs really creeped me out. I think I stopped around when Ed was chasing Al around in circles. My thoughts? Story about two sets of brothers in alternate worlds. Oh, and that Ed looked like something out of Gundam Wing. Then I just let the file sit on my computer for about two or three months. XD;

The only other thing I could really remember was that I was hooked at the end of the episode and thought [because of the Melissa footage] Roy et all were an evil terrorist organization and that Roy looked "too dorky to be a good leader of such a scary looking group".

Second question:

What type of underpants do you want to see Roy and Havoc wear?

If you're wondering, I'm making a short comic for design class and decided to do a hagaren one that has Riza, Roy, and Jean on a deserted island and both guys are lounging around in their underwear (and then they try to eat Black Hayate but Riza shoots at them). I've decided I wanted Havoc to wear a loose undershirt but nothing beyond that. So you guys have fun trying to convince me to draw your idea.
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