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Adult Swim reaction

Meant to post this yesterday but stupid LJ wouldn't let me log in. ><

I’ve been reading the posts at the Adult Swim board, and I’m happy to report that for new people, the reaction was mostly positive. However, so many others were complaining about the dub, I have to admit it got really annoying. ><; Too many pre-dub fans, not enough episode discussion from the post-dub.
To some people, it reminded them of Trigun. Many thought Al was a robot. One person got upset about alchemy being compared to science, when it is so obviously magic (then more knowing fans corrected said person, telling him/her to wait till the end of the series- amen). There was some discussion about Ed’s faith. Many were disappointed that they had to wait a week for the next episode (:D!!).

so he's an walking talking empty tin can?? and if it's punishment for setting foot on holy ground, then how can they not have faith?

Oh dear God.
Rose is starting to become my least favorite character.
She doesn't even bother to understand why that poor child is trapped in the robots body.
Freaking moron! >.<

that kid is seriously ripped for being just 15.....
junk it's over already! i want more, a week's wait is way too long!

That was a good episode. Ed is awesome.

WOW NICE ARSE! lol, and for someone his age too ._.;;;

Good stuff, good stuff. I'm really loving this show. It's just a shame, it felt really short.
It's interesting, their concept of alchemy. It's true by science that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. . .cool how they're trying to use magic while keeping it scientific.
Of course, bringing things to life, instantaneously creating things, pulling weapons out of the ground, etc. is completely out there. And the philosopher's stone completely throws all science out the window.
Well, either way. Ed and Alphonse are a great team. Can't wait to see what happens next episode.

I liked it, It diferent from other animes. I wis I had thos metal limbs. er

I'm quite impressed with this first episode; it really set the story and character basics up nicely, looked terrific while doing it, and will definitely have me coming back for more. (And, yes, I might as well mention it before someone else does--Ed is cute. *grin*)

ANYway, having no previous experience, um, gee, I was really impressed with this. X my heart I was. Got a serious Trigun vibe, and I mean that as a BIG compliment: instantly engaging and likeable characters, enough humor to make you feel comfortable but a definite sense of philosophical drama and underlying darkness to come, and I thought the animation looked just fine. (Especially compared to the annoying glossy CGI-style-stuff in GITS' OP.) I don't doubt the Japanese VAs are great, but I had no problem with these, and especially liked the haunting quality of Al's.

alll i've got to say about FMA, what a huge letdown.....from the extreme amount of hype this series was getting from the moment it was announced that AS was getting it...i was expecting something extrodinary.i dunno, maybe the hype overwhelmed me. but based on the first episode alone, this series looks to be good, but not great.
one thing, the height jokes got old really fast, how many where there in the first episode? that's called running a gag into the ground.
ok, now things i did like.
The action is top notch. I really like having one of the main characters be a disembodied soul inside a suit of armor. and the characters act belivably to the situations they are in.


Oh, and please don’t mock any of these segments I’ve posted. I just found them cute/amusing, and many of their first impressions made me squee with happiness. ^^ GO FMA!
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