Sooyun (atherlin) wrote in fm_alchemist,

[BAS] system no longer needed

I thought the system would be ok, not for division, but to prevent spoilers for the newer fans. But I guess the system /is/ annoying, and not worth the effort. Not to mention it'll be more and more chaotic if the community continues to grow. (Too many rules like that complicate things)

updated rules on the sidebar =3=

if you're looking at this from friends journal:

1. Please READ all the recent entries before making a new post.
2. Comment if there's been a recent post about the same topic. Don't go and make another one.
3. Give your post a title related to the content of the post.
4. Check the memories section before you ask anything. You can find out where to get the manga in the "Important (please read!!)" under the memories section
5. Please use lj-cut! If it's a large picture, or a spoiler, put it behind one of those. To use an lj-cut, just type: (replace [ and ] with < and >)

[lj-cut text="insert text here"]
spoilers and large pictures and err stuff goes here XD;
6. No inconsiderate entries. What I mean by that, is something like "EDO IS MY HUSBAND >=O!!!" isn't needed in the community.
7. If there's newer fans of the series discussing about a theory or something, fans before November 6th can NOT ruin it for them with a spoiler.

(sorry for flooding anyone's friends page TT_TT;)
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