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Fullmetal Alchemist premiere... um... BA?

I invited Sabs, Dan, Dave and Emerald over for a little party to celebrate the premiere of FMA on Cartoon Network. We made cookies and pudding pie. Alex and his gal pal joined us as well. We watched Coupling while waiting for it to come on...

Cornello still rocks. He's got to be my favorite voice so far.

I winced at Ed's voice at the beginning. A 10 year old boy sounding like a grown man just is NOT a happy way to start out the series @_< The scream also made me wince. But after a while, Ed's voice grew on me. I still don't think it fits very well, but at least I don't hate it.

Speaking of hate... I thought Al's voice would be the one I'd get used to, but no... I really dislike his voice. I don't think the kid can do "serious" very well at all. And Rose sounds too old for her character.

Lust is the only one I'm still uncertain of. I don't think anyone else in our party liked her voice, but I thought it was okay... Particularly cause I couldn't for the life of me remember what Lust's Japanese voice sounded like. Ah well. I'm hoping to hear more of her soon.

While making fun of the voices, we were discussing what would be the worst they could do to the characters. The funniest one by far was Scar talking with a lisp. Ed would be rolling on the ground in laughter, and Scar would be like "thtop that! you're thuppothed to ph33r me, damnit!"

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