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Uh...BAS...? o_O;

On Halloween, since my parents refused to let me sacrifice a goat on our front lawn, I decided to grafitti my own driveway and attempt human transmutation.

Part of the array...Looking at it now, I'm really suprised the lines are relatively straight and the circles circular o__O; A few minutes after going outside, I got a horrible headache and could barely walk straight...Didn't help that it was windy as hell and I kept having to run across the street to rescue my reference paper.

Aerial view! It's pretty big. I think the radius of the outer circle of the array was around 4 or 5 feet.

It's really hard when your chalk color choices are limited to blue, pink, and white XP

The Flamel! I wanted to draw an Ouroboros too, but the last of the pink chalk went to this.

Unfortunately, it rained before I could find materials to create a human. And nothing would happen whenever I tried activating the array on my way to the bus stop. I guess you can't exactly bring dead leaves back to life.

Also, while I did not get religious zealots berating me for my Satanic deeds, I did get a penis drawn on my driveway, in something that is most definately not as removable as chalk.

EDIT I forgot! :D;; I have more pictures here! A lot of them are just the array in different angles, so I didn't feel like posting them all.
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