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Hey, everyone, remember me? Well, I'm the same, except for one thing.

I'm the new mod 'round these parts. :D But I'm not posting to gloat.

From this post on, all posts subjects should include in the subject "BA", if you were a member before tonight, or have watched the fansubs.

If you've joint tonight, or past this pont, please include a "AS" in your subject line. This is a way to see if people read this post, and after it dissapears, the rules. I ask if a new member does not include "BA" or something spoilerish with "BA", please refer them to here or the many things I wrote up about this issue, and ask them to include it from this point on. If they respond harshly, please refer them to me. Thanks. :D

[If it's a non-spoil post, news, or art or such, include "BAS"]

I don't want there to be more wank then there should be, everyone should have a right to this fandom, whether BA or AS.

EDIT: If you are unsure of the "BA" or "AS", here's an excerpt from our new FAQ.

12. What do “BA” and “AS”stand for? I keep seeing them in posts!

Please refer to the communities’ “Open Letter” for more information. “BA” stands for “Before America”, referring to fans who have seen the series before it aired on Cartoon Network, and have seen the series. “AS” (American Screening/Adult Swim) fans are those who view Fullmetal Alchemist via Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim”. “BAS” is a post that does not include any spoilers to both sides. This is to everyone’s convenience not for people to be spoiled.
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