Elf From Space (elffromspace) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Elf From Space

__kat__ and I went out last night and drew alchemy arrays all over campus! Hope no one will get too freaked out by the warning that "The Alchemists are coming 11.06.04" Also posed for photos with the arrays:

Alchemists are coming with glow sticks!
Formula for lead to gold We drew that one outside the chemical engineering building, it just seemed appropriate. It says Equivalent trade under the arrow.
Glowsticks make for cool looking transmutation reaction
Elf with her flaming pimp hat of joy, the ultimate cosplay accessory
Drawing Roy's circle
Look at my giant watch!

Kat got to dress up and play with her new wig and some glowsticks and I got to use my ULTIMATE COSPLAY ACCESSORY, the pimp hat of flaming doom!
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