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ohayo~~~ i'm new ^_^;;; i wachd full metal allchemist (sp??) tonite on cartoon network cuz ive been looking foward 2 it for a while since i heard about it on an inuyasha-chan forum ^_^. it was really cute~~~ *niko* eddie (i can't remember his last name?? :\) was so adorable i wanted to hug him when he looked so sad. i thought al was sort of stupid because his voice is so cute but he's so big and uglee in that armor thing T_T he was so cute when he was a kid tho!!! ^^; omg but when it was all serius it was sooo lame, i hate serious stuff! LOL
o and wot was that thing in the beginning where eddie-chan screamed? that was weird, i thot they were ressurecting thier mom why wud he b sad? ^_^;;;

the priest is really mean, i think he's lying to rose!! am i rite? i really liked rose she was sooo kawaii with her pink hair!! i hope she stays in the show for a really long time cuz she was my fav char!!!! XD ^_^;;; that would be sooo romantic i think they're perfect for eachother you know? lol but that's just becuz they're are no hot guyz to yaoi him with LOL! if therez a hot guy rose can just die LOL! and ed is my husband neways~~~ @_@ you can't have him......... jk

so yeah wot other animes serie do u guys like i like inuyasha the best ^^

so liek how old is eddie?wotz a EFF AY KUE?

I am SO just kidding. That was a really lame joke. I hope you all liked the premiere! :) I liked it quite a damn bit. Mucho sexy. Long live FMA and it's totally badass fandom. You guys rock and the new guys will probably all rock too (unless they're, y'know, like the person I just made up. In which case there will be some lynching).

note: Just in advance, there is no malice intended in this! I am NOT making fun of new fans, just poking fun at people who were nervous about whether or not adult swim would kill the fandom. Let's drink to that not happening, eh? Hee hee. Oh, and no offense to, uh, anyone I offended. Like inuyasha fans or het/yaoi fans or people who hate/like adult swim. Yeaaah.

Here's a picture of Moofy to make everybody feeling bad about the premiere feel allll better: TODDLER MOOFY.

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