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Icons galore

Hello, this is actually the same person who posted as HimekoKurai and put up the mini-movie icon earlier. Me and a friend named Epiphany started this journal to put up our separate and joint icon projects, so from now on I will probably post as HimekoKurai and he will probably post as Icon_Alchemy. If you want to see our icons at any time, and not miss them as these pages fall back, please bookmark us! Sorry for the shameless plug...I'm really here to put up another icon, this time a Roy one.

Public service messages rock my socks (in a cheesy way):

Comment/Credit required. And please let me know if it is better to post whenever I make an icon or, say, once every 1-2 weeks with any icons I made then. I prefer posting one at a time, but I don't want to make any trouble for this community. I don't make icons every day, so I'd think it would be okay, but....better to ask.

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