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Roy Fanart! ^^

I was actually done with this a day or so ago...but I've been really busy. O_o

Done to go with the Edward one I drew and posted a few days ago...

I played and experimented a bit with this one. So if it looks weird....ah well.

The funny thing I screwed up on was the ribbons. The flap looks like it buttons into them cuz I drew them too far to the left. ^^; Oops.

And I spend such time deciding the colors of the ribbons too!

(Note: ribbons are real least according to my old AFJROTC cadet ribbons. ^^;)

I think I gave him my rifle team ribbon....::snorts::

I think it turned out pretty well, overall. I'm wondering who I should try drawing next. ^_^


I hope everyone likes it! ^^ At least enough to laugh at it. ^_~


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