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Awesome FMA Sprite Animation!!!

Last night, I was browsing random japanese FMA fanart websites and came across this one:

Pairing: Neutral, some royai
Contains: Sprite Animation & Fanart

OMG! The little animated sprite scenes are so funny and well detailed! Some of the animation contains mundane (but cute) scenes like Ed and Al riding on a train or Roy working in his office. But there are some that are pure hilarous such as Havoc having a nightmare being chased by female!Armstrong as seen in Ep 37 and Roy escaping from work via videogame-style. XD

For the main page, hit reload to see random sprite animations (there are lots of them):

On this page, click on the "<<" or ">>" to go back and forth to different animations. There are 20 of them):

This is the oekaki board, it contains the regular oekaki drawing ans some animation:

This is a little sprite shooting game in which you (as Hawkeye) is to shoot the "Roy cutout dummy" to get points. (white cutout dummy=-10, gray cutout dummy=+10, roy cutout dummy=+50). You click on the "fire" button under each cutout dummy to shoot.

If this was already been posted here, I apologized.
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