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Hagaren Volume 9 ->Release Date: 11/22 and....

...A new Hagaren Novel, the 4th such one, entitled 「遠い空の下で」(Tooi sora no shita de) "Under the Distant Sky/Heavens" which has been released just recently (Oct 29th) by I think a Makoto Inoue if not, then Shin Inoue*. Cover illustration by Arakawa Hiromu.

Was browsing Shonen Gangan Monthly's site out of boredem and I spotted that the 9th Volume of Fullmetal Alchemist (which I guess will include ch. 34-37, and maybe/hopefully a new Gaiden?) will be released during Gangan's next Comic Release date which is the 22nd of each month hence, November 22nd.

The December issue of Shonen GANGAN Monthly will be released November 12th. Hagaren Chapter 41 will have yet another full-color center spread. (Well, Gangan being the rough size of a phone has enough room for alot of color-pages or spreads xD)

*sets of pun alarm* j/ has nothing to do with the Shin in my pseudo and I'm no writer. XD;

If anyone wants to take a stab at the name here's the kanji: 井上真 ^_^
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