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Animage Pictures : Poster, Ouroboros Envy! 51/Movie -Ed and more !

Coming with one of these great big titles worthy of a Naruto episode, here it comes again: the picture post! This time, it's for the November issue of Animage.

If you wonder about the title, well, actually, it's all about the character sketches. There were basically all character sketches , and oh-does Sloth's dress looks like Morticia Addams' O___o. I didn't scan the full pages of character sketches, only what I thought was new..but if anyone has a special request, please ask.
Anyways, onto the pretty pictures!

Pardon the cheap comments ,it's stronger than me =3.

We start off by the 50+51 sketches of Ed and Al...And Ed's primitive prothesis.

We then get onto the first part of the pretty poster...Lookie! There's Envy on the side!

...I somewhat got mixed up while scanning and called part 2 part 1 -_-. Praise the intelligence.

...Black Hayate, the fluffy military mascot x3.

Look there! Shenron Envy! Who screamed DBZ?

Roy, Riza ,their car [family van zommmgg!!!!11eleven]...And half of Armstrong's head x3;;.

Would anybody be intereted in scans of the biiiiig fashion!Riza Hawkeye poster from October Animedia?

As a Merry Melodies episode would go, 'That's all folks'! You're free to take for iconing/layout/wallpaper, but it'd be nice to credit Aroe[aka niwakaame] for the scanning job :).

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