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Ficlet : Practice Makes Perfect (NC-17)

Hi everyone

This is the first FMA ficlet I ever wrote (have more) and it's a Roy x Ed. I hope you enjoy.

Title : Practice Makes Perfect
Pairing : Roy, Ed
Spoilers : None
Rating : NC-17, male/male sex

Ed stood with his arms folded, gazing casually up at the blue sky overhead, a light breeze causing a few wisps of blonde hair to dance. He sighed heavily and rolled his eyes, turning his gaze back to the object of his annoyance.

“Honestly, Roy, haven’t you had enough of these matches? We both know how it’s going to end, so why not call it a draw now so we can go eat.”

Colonel Mustang stood with his own arms folded, but it was not with the same casual ease as his younger counterpart. He stood stiffly, gray eyes staring over at what at times he considered his nemesis, his own black hair moving lightly in the same soft breeze. “You will address me as Colonel Mustang, or Colonel, Edward Elric.”

The older Elric brother rolled his eyes again and scowled over at Mustang. “You’re really way too uptight, Roy,” he said, purposely not using the title. “You need to learn to relax and unwind.”

Mustang’s eyes narrowed at the boy’s blatant disrespect. Edward continued, waving his auto-mail hand in the air, the white glove shining in the sun. “These stupid matches always end the same way, I’m not going to waste my time. See ya later, Roy!”

He turned to walk away, flicking his braid over his shoulder.

“Edward Elric!” Mustang shouted, his voice echoing in the empty sparring yard. The boy paused and looked over his shoulder, an eyebrow lifted slightly. “This will be a hand-to-hand bout,” the Colonel continued, his arms still crossed tightly across his chest. “We will not use alchemy.”

Ed turned back around, intrigued. He and the Colonel often had bouts with each other in which they used their alchemic gifts, a way to keep sharp, Mustang had said. But the bouts always ended the same way, in a draw, with the sparring yard in shreds. “No alchemy?” he repeated, tilting his head with a sly grin. “You mean … you’re actually going to fight me in hand-to-hand?”

Mustang nodded, “Practice makes perfect, Fullmetal. We’re not going to always be able to use alchemy, and we need to be sure our other abilities are in top form as well.”

Ed’s sly grin grew and he nodded. “You got yourself a bout, Roy,” he said, slipping off his red coat and tossing it casually aside. The slightest hint of a smile graced the Colonel’s lips and he removed his outer uniform, also tossing it aside, revealing a black tank-top beneath and well defined arms. Ed took up a defensive stance, golden eyes narrowing as he made ready.

Roy stood for a moment surveying his opponent, the determination glittering in the bright eyes, the easy stance of the body, not tense, but confident and ready. With only the slightest twitch of muscle, Roy launched into a lightning-fast attack, arms lashing out in vicious punches and slicing hacks. Ed was ready, he didn’t try to meet Roy halfway, instead he danced back, light on his feet, avoiding the blows his opponent was trying to land, using his shorter height to his advantage, making Roy have to work to try and catch him. When he spotted an opening, Ed lunged to the side and swung a leg out, catching Roy at his heel and sending him momentarily off-balance. He jumped to his feet and swung into another kick, but the Colonel was quick to recover and grabbed the flying heel, throwing Ed aside easily.

Both were sweating, the sun beating down on them. Ed grinned over at the Colonel. “Not bad, Roy, you’re better than I thought.” He unhooked his black tunic and threw it aside so that it joined his crumpled coat, his own black tank-top now revealed. His auto-mail arm gleamed in the brilliant glare of the sun and he cocked his hip to the side, his hand resting lightly on it as he grinned casually over at the Colonel. Roy returned the gaze neutrally, taking in the young body slowly coming into manhood with the smooth curve of new muscle on his good arm. It was curious, he realized, he’d never noticed the man that the boy before him was growing into.

Moving like a serpent, Ed launched into a blistering attack, jumping into the air, feet moving like scissors. Roy jumped back, momentarily caught off guard. He ducked to the side, catching a glancing blow on his shoulder. He caught himself and once again, the two attacked each other furiously, not holding back any blows. They dodged, blocked, attacked and lunged. Some attacks landed true, eliciting grunts and causing bruises to appear, but many were dodged or swept aside.

They staggered back from each other, breathing hard, sweat glistening on their bodies. The edges of the Colonel’s black hair were wet with sweat, sticking to his brow and the sides of his head. Ed’s braid had come loose in the fight, allowing his long hair to hang free, blowing around his sweaty face. He grinned over at his older opponent, golden eyes glowing with the thrill of the fight. “I’ll never hear the end of it from Al if you beat me,” he panted.

Mustang threw him a small smirk and ran a hand through his damp hair. “Better get used to it then,” he replied and launched into another fast attack. Ed danced back, blocking blow after blow, jumping and dodging the kicks that the Colonel was throwing at him. Mustang threw out a high punch at the same time the swept out with his heel, Ed managed to block both, but it caused him to move off balance and he tumbled backward, landing heavily. Roy pounced on the opportunity and moved over his younger opponent, holding his arms down, his knees gripping the boy’s torso tightly. He smiled down at Ed in victory, breathing hard. “Do you relent?”

Ed glared up at him, “Never!” he growled and arched under the Colonel, trying to throw him off. He struggled, kicking his heels into the hard dirt of the sparring field trying to gain leverage, his body moving and rubbing against the Colonel’s in his attempt to gain freedom. Mustang pulled in a sudden breath at the feel of Ed’s body thrashing and struggling under him, a sudden and surprising heat blossomed in his belly as Ed’s hips pressed against his. He blinked, gazing down at the writhing boy; the blond hair spread out like a fan, sweat glistening on the smooth skin, the lightly furrowed brow. The Colonel swallowed, realizing for the first time just how truly beautiful Ed was; the way his eyes sparked with defiance, his sometimes cocky attitude born of confidence and fierce loyalty. He felt his body reacting to the movement’s under him, filling with heat and slow burning desire.

Ed stopped struggling, realizing the futility of the movements, the Colonel was holding him fast and he had no leverage on the smooth, hard ground. He sighed and blew some sweaty hair from his eyes, grateful that at least no one had watched them spar. He looked up into the gray eyes gazing down at him and felt his heart give a small lurch. He’d never seen the Colonel’s eyes up close like this before; they looked like coal that had grown wet in the rain and they were framed by long, thick lashes. His hair was the color of midnight, damp with sweat now, hanging haphazardly in his face. The muscles in the Colonel’s arms were lithe and smooth, curving beneath the skin, quivering from the effort of their bout. Ed swallowed as he gazed into those dark eyes, felt his heart quicken at the brush of hardness against his abdomen.

“Roy …” he breathed, his mouth going dry. He had never seen the Colonel like this before, never felt this way about him, never viewed him as anything more than a stupid Colonel. But he wasn’t seeing him that way now, he was seeing a handsome and strong man with eyes that reminded him of mountains in the distance. His own body started to respond, sparks dancing along his arms and legs, his heart taking off like a galloping horse.

“Edo …” the Colonel replied softly, and it was the first time Ed had ever heard his superior shorten his name.

Gray eyes met gold ones and the Colonel slowly started to lower his head, his lips brushing lightly against Ed’s own, hesitantly, waiting for any sign of rebuttal. But there was none. Ed’s own lips parted in a soft sigh and his head raised slightly off the ground, not wanting to break contact. The Colonel’s lips were softer than he would have imagined and he could taste the salt of sweat.

Mustang felt a soft groan grow in his chest as Ed kissed him back, the boy’s lips like silk that had been left in the sun. He loosened his grip on Ed’s wrists, moving so that he was lying more comfortably over the lithe form under him. He groaned softly again as his hips came into contact with Ed’s, feeling the equal hardness there. He kissed the boy again, with a growing passion he never knew existed as his tongue eased the silky lips open so that he could taste the sweet mouth beyond. He delved into that hot mouth eagerly, exploring it with gentle thrusts of his tongue, desire growing rapidly inside him as he inhaled Ed’s musky scent, felt the boy’s body shivering with pleasure under him.

As the Colonel released his wrists, Ed moved his hands to encircle his back, fingers twisting the sweat-dampened material of the black tank-top. As the kiss deepened, he moaned softly, holding onto the strong body, holding Roy to him as he surrendered his mouth to the thrusting tongue. He felt Roy’s hands move into his own hair, fingers entwining around the strands as the Colonel tilted his head back, taking his mouth in strong, sure thrusts. Ed groaned again, louder this time, as his body flooded with sudden heat and desire. He arched his hips up, rubbing against the hardness there, sparks erupting behind his eyes as their erections met through their clothes. “Roy …” he moaned softly, fingers tightening on the Colonel’s tank top. As Mustang’s lips kissed along his jaw and under his ear, Ed gasped and arched, hands pulling at the tank top until it tore and came loose. They both looked at each other in surprise as the black material fell away and Ed gave a small smile, “Don’t know my own strength.”

Mustang smiled down at him, what he had taken as cockiness before was really Ed’s quirky sense of humor, he realized. He chuckled softly and tossed the remnants of his top aside, revealing a smoothly muscular chest. Ed gasped softly and reached up with his human hand to run gentle fingers down the expanse of skin. Roy closed his eyes with a soft shudder at the feel of the gentle touch, causing fire to dance on his heated flesh and his points to harden. Ed smiled, seeing the reaction his touch caused and found that he was pleased. Leaning up, he flicked out his tongue and gently licked across one hard point. Roy gasped softly, fire scorching through him as he felt the hot, wet tongue gently flick across him. His fingers moved into the golden hair, twisting the soft strands as he arched to the teasing, flicking tongue.

Ed slowly, carefully, licked and nipped at one of the hard points, teasing it to even greater hardness, enjoying the soft sounds of pleasure his ministrations were eliciting from his superior. He closed his lips around the point and started to suck, enjoying the salty taste of Roy’s sweat, listening to his superior gasp and moan, feeling the strong body shudder. His hands reached up to encircle Mustang’s back, as he grazed his teeth along the point, nibbling gently.

“Edo …” Roy moaned, fingers tightening in the boy’s soft hair.

Ed smiled and licked his way to the other point, paying it the same attention, feeling Roy shiver and shudder as he did so. The Colonel growled softly as Ed fueled the flames that were coursing through him. He slowly bent forward, leaning Ed back onto the ground, leaning over him. The Elric brother looked up at him, gold eyes bright with passion and desire, a coy smile playing on his lips. Roy returned the smile, hunger dancing in his own dark eyes. “You have too many clothes on, Edward Elric,” he said softly.

Ed lifted an eyebrow, “Oh ..? And just what do you plan to do about it, Colonel Roy Mustang?”

The Colonel’s smile widened and he reached down with one hand, holding some of Ed’s black tank-top in his fist. “Equal trade,” he whispered softly, “since you tore my top …”

Ed’s eyes widened as Mustang easily tore his top from him, casting it aside with an easy gesture. He chuckled softly, arching his bare chest up, enjoying the feel of the warm sun on his naked skin. The Colonel reached down with one hand, stroking the smooth chest that was starting to gain muscle. “Edo ..” he whispered before lowering his mouth to the boy’s chest, sucking, nibbling and biting until his counterpart was all but crying out. Mustang felt hunger and desire pounding through him, his hardness pressing against the confines of his pants. He looked up into Ed’s eyes, searching for any sign of doubt or hesitance. He found none.

“Edo,” he whispered raggedly, “I want you.”

Ed smiled back at him, breathing hard, “That’s good … because I want you too.”

The words set fire to Mustang and he moved quickly, pulling Ed’s boots and tossing them aside before all but ripping the boy’s black pants free. He panted as Ed’s desire was released, standing proudly for him. Ed gazed up at him, his pale skin flushed with passion, desire roaring in his golden eyes. He reached his human arm out, fingers stretching toward Roy as his lips parted in a soft sound.

Roy ripped off his own boots and tore his own pants off, tossing the articles aside recklessly, moving once more over the lithe, beautiful form. He wrapped his arms around Ed, feeling the heat from the auto-mail, hearing the soft sighs and purrs, seeing the flush of pink on pale cheeks. He pressed his hardness to the boy and watched Ed gasp under him, arching. He pulsed his hips, teasing, caressing and Ed groaned, fingers tightening on Roy’s shoulders. “Gods,” he gasped, “oh gods, Roy … Roy …”

Ed’s soft voice wound through him, setting fire to his nerves, causing stars to form and explode before his eyes. He looked deeply into the expressive golden eyes as he started to push forward, slowly, gently entering the tight wall of hot muscle. Roy threw his head back with a strangled moan as the boy’s tight heat began to slowly part for him, envelop him. “Edo …” he gasped, as he pulsed his hips again, pushing into the boy’s body.

Ed cried out softly, suns erupting in his chest as he felt Roy start to enter him, the flash of pain slowly giving way to a pleasure he had never experienced before. His fingers held tightly to Roy’s back as the man slid into him, taking him with small, gentle pulses.

Roy groaned as he filled Ed completely, feeling his hardness slide completely into the wet heat, filling the lithe body fully. “Edo,” he groaned, “oh gods .. Edo ..” he panted as he started to thrust gently, feeling the boy’s heat surround him, the body accepting him. He closed his eyes, grunting in pleasure as he moved inside the delicious heat, heard the soft cries from under him as Ed slowly rocked against him. Such pleasure, he had never imagined such a thing existed. With each thrust, he felt it explode and blossom through him, felt it in the unbelievable tightness of Ed’s body, felt it with each soft cry Ed made, with each gentle shudder of pleasure from the lithe body.

Ed gasped and made soft sounds as Roy thrust into him, gently yet insistently, taking him with slow, deep strokes. He couldn’t believe that such a thing was possible, that his body could feel this way. It felt like he was soaring high in the clouds, sparks dancing on his skin, Roy’s soft grunts like musical notes in his ears. “Yes, Roy, yes ..” he gasped, he moved his hips as Roy thrust into him, moving against him, with him, learning their dance. He threw his head back, crying out. Above him, Roy’s own cries mingled and joined with his.

Roy opened his eyes and looked down at the boy under him, gazing down at the beautiful form that was writhing and arching, responding to his ministrations. It increased his desire, flared his passion. He wanted to see Ed like this all the time, hear those wonderful cries, feel his body shudder in pleasure. He thrust into the delicious body, groaning as Ed arched his hips up to meet him, take him, allow him to go deeper.

He reached down, gently took the boy’s hardness in his hand and began to stroke it in time to his thrusts. Beneath him, Ed gasped and arched his hips higher, his fingers gripping Roy’s back tightly. “Roy,” he moaned, “oh gods .. Roy, Roy .. Roy!”

Ed felt tingles dancing along his skin, spreading out from his belly to his legs and arms. His breathing grew more ragged, his heart hammering madly in his chest as Roy stroked him. He felt a wave building in his chest, growing stronger and taller with each stroke and thrust that Roy gave him. He tried to speak the Colonel’s name, but all he could manage were strangled cries and small sounds.

Roy watched in something close to awe as Ed writhed under him, moaning, his lips parted as he panted raggedly. He could feel the boy’s body shuddering and his own pleasure almost reached its peak. “Yes, Edo,” he whispered, urging the boy, “yes .. that’s it .. come for me, Edo .. come for me ..”

Ed gasped, Roy’s words striking right to his soul. His body stiffened, his hips arching. With a loud cry, he felt the wave that had been growing inside him break and crash, roaring through him with enough force to rip his breath away. Above him, Roy gave a soft cry as he felt Ed spill over his stroking hand, hot and flowing. “Oh gods, Edo ..” he whispered, closing his eyes, stroking the boy, ekeing out his pleasure until his own climax started to break through him. Roy thrust into the tight heat once, twice, three times before he gave his own cry and his body shuddered as he spilled deeply inside the boy. He threw his head back, muscles standing out in his neck as he pulsed his hips, filling the boy completely.

He bowed his head with a gasp, blinking as the world around him came back into focus. He looked down at Ed, saw the boy looking back up at him with a small smile on his lips. “Well,” Ed said softly, reaching up with his auto-mail to brush some black hair from the Colonel’s eyes, “that certainly didn’t end the way I expected it to.”

Roy chuckled softly and leaned down to place a soft kiss on Ed’s lips. “Nor I, but I must admit to appreciating the outcome very much.”

Ed laughed softly against the kiss and looked into the gray eyes. “Will we be competing in more hand-to-hand combat, Colonel Roy Mustang?” he asked, a playful lilt to his voice.

Roy gave him a cunning smile and pulsed his hips gently, eliciting a gasp from Ed. “We will need to, Edward Elric,” he replied with the same playful tone, “for practice makes perfect.”

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