Molly (lovelycoconuts) wrote in fm_alchemist,


(arrg, LJ deleted my post...anyway...) I happened to be looking through amazon Japan, and decided to see what FMA goodies they had in stock, and came across this,

From what I gathered after running it through bablefish, is that's a FMA artbook. Coming out next month. *_*

I dunno about anyone else here, but I love artbooks, so this is making me insanely happy. Especially since I missed out on the special calander thing, and have been trying to figure out how to get more FMA colored manga pictures. Plus, artbooks are just lurvely and shiny. And the picture on the cover is awsome, in my opinion :D

I have a feeling everyone else here already knew about this though, even though I checked and couldn't remember seeing anything about it posted here. Anyway, just wanted to post in case anyone else didn't already know *is usually the last to know x_x*

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