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Hagaren Trivia

Disclaimer: These trivias are collected from the contents of Hagaren DX, including Arakawa and character interviews.

Do you know?

1. Ed keep spare clothes, gloves, travelling kits and Al's oil in his trunk.
2. The first thing Ed does in the morning is fixing his antenne.
3. Ed seems to catch his hairs between his automail fingers sometimes
4. Ed's automail is worth one brand new expensive car in our world.
5. Ed's automail is waterproof.
6. When Ed's automail was destroyed from the encounter with Scar, it was Armstrong who voluntered (read: forced) to braid his hair for him.
7. Ed's name came from 'Edward Scissorhands'.

1. Roy called Ed 'Fullmetal' because sometimes he forgets Ed's name.
2. Hawkeye always brings two guns with her.
3. More civillian takes the state alchemy exam than the military.
4. Armstrong has 3 older sisters and one younger sister.
5. Havoc thinks of himself as not too bright, relies more on his muscles.
6. Havoc smokes 2-3 packs of cigarettes a day.

1. Al's and no.66's armors were made by the same blacksmith.
2. Alphonse's name from an artist's father's.
3. Al doesn't sleep at night. He doesn't need to. Instead, he listens to Ed sleeptalking.

1. Cars in Amestris are mainly steam-engined.
2. Automail is powered by electricity generated from the muscles.

1. Den lost its foot when protecting Ed, AL, and Winry from an accident.
2. Cat-lover: Al, Scar, 48(older); dog-lover: Roy, 48(younger), Arakawa; dog-loved: Ed

1. Pinako was Domique's assistant when she was young. She hit him with a motorcycle.
2. Apparently, Envy is not sure of his own gender.
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