I run on coffee and impatience (melts) wrote in fm_alchemist,
I run on coffee and impatience

Fandom and school sometimes don't really mix....

Thanks to kaitou_marina's post about the FMA love at college...Here, a few friends and I decided to also try to promote FMA fandom through walking around as characters. Here are the following results...

For those of us who dressed as Edo: "What's the symbol? A cult?" (popular response)
"Is it Marxist?" (guess some people don't know their history...)
"What are you exactly?"
For those of us who went as Izumis: no response. She's normal...unless she starts yelling at the Edos..
For all who went as military personnel (one Hughes, one Roy): "What country does your uniform represent?"
"Is it some statement for Iraqui soldiers?"
"Is this a new military division in the US?
...are you recruiting?"
For the Al plushie: "Why does that doll look like a condom?" (poor Al...first called luggage, then condom?)

So yeah. What can you say...sometimes people just don't understand anime fans XD;;;

[edit] Mucho thanks to wiccat for the coat ^__^. Every FMA fan who did know what was going loved it, and a few passersby said it looked very nice :) [/edit]
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