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FMA Drama CD (from GanGan Issue Nov2004)

I've recently join this FMA community (mainly stalking) but I've been a huge fan of FMA and Ed ever since the anime started airing in Japan. Anyway I happened to be able to buy the November issue of GanGan Monthly Comics a week or two ago (those phone book size comics usually found among the magazines) and it came with a FMA drama CD. XD So far I've ripped the CD, zipped all the files (included a few scans) and have uploaded it temporarily for the any FMA fans that would like to hear the CD but... of course all of it is in Japanese and I don't understand a majority of what's spoken ^^; the best thing I like about the CD so far is hearing Ed complain and scream =D LOL! but what would be even better is if someone can translated the CD and post the translations. I'm sure there are FMA fans out there who would like the drama to be translated too. ^_^

This is a URL to downloading the CD:
The link is temporary and it will expire in a few days after the day of this post so grab it as soon as you can~!
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