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Animaritime 2005

I know this came up in a little comment thread a while back, but I thought I'd put it out in a more public area.

There's going to be an Anime and Gaming convention in Sackville, New Brunswick (Canada ^_~) on Feb 25-27th. Pre-register for $20 before Nov 15th and you get a free t-shirt! More info and details can be found at our website or I can answer questions here.

We've got lots of stuff planned already, loads of fun, showings, guests, vendros, artists alley (for all you artists out there, tables are compltely free. We don't charge table fees, or take percentages of sales ^_^) and panels.

Which brings me to why this isn't horriably OT ^_^
We're looking for people who are willing to run panels, or even suggestions of panels that people would like to see or would like to run. If there's enough people who want a "History of Alchemy" or "Scar appreciation" or whatever panel, we'll do our best to make that happen. There just needs to be enough advance warning that we can do the necessary reserch/arrangements =P

And also I'd love to set up some sort of FMA photoshoot if there are going to be enough people there ^_^

Plus there's a fanfiction contest, more info in the contest thread of our forums, and it'd be great to see some FMA related stuff entered there ^_^
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