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I didn't see any one post this yet... If they did, I'm so sorry! (T__T)

Anyway, I finally got my Newtype today (I'm subscribed.) and guess what's on the cover in big bold letters... FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST... XD There's Ed on Al's head as the picture. :3 In side there's the feature with all that great stoof, including voice actors for the American dub (Ed's voice actor looks all wrinkly lol) and a small episode guide so I can goggle my eyes at it since the show's going to start when I'm in France. *cries* They also have damn cool pictures and lots of things that'll help you out with the main points of the show.... (*__*) They even have a picture of Lust and Glutters! XD

Also, there's a little FAQ. I found this one answer interesting, so I'll type it up for you. :3

"The first volume of Fullmetal Alchemist goes on sale January 18, 2005 and comes in two forms: a $29.99 disc-only edition or a slightly pricier disc-plus-box Starter Set that includes a special bonus. Fullmetal's 51 episodes will be released on 13 discs, with an additional two collector's boxes to be included with volumes 6 and 10."

I'll pay extra just to get anything Fullmetal! *cries* There's about two or three full page ads for the rest of the Fullmetal stuff and they even tourture me with show you the Fullmetal Alchemist plastic set that are just $6 a piece. The articulated versions of Winry, Ed, and Al are coming late March '05 (just in time for some one's birthday *shifty eyes*) and will include removable items... Ooooooo. lol

Anyway, there's my bit of fandom. (^__^);;; Just one more thing:

You Know You Are Addicted To FMA When You: run from the mail box, hugging your Newtype-USA, all the way down your dangerously sloped drive way, run inside and immediately tear the plastic from around the Newtype and hug it harder.

(Ignore it. It'll make you feel better.)
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