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Complete Best

Wee, I finally got it in the mail! xD *dances*

I took a few pictures for those who want to see what's in it.

Inside of the CD cases

Inside of the Guide booklet (includes DVD illustrations, animation sketches, episode screencaps, commentary and quotes in ugly font!*)

Inside of the CD booklet (includes lyrics, cover of the single, picture of the band)

Inside of the DVD booklet (screenshots of the clip)

And some thought umeko_pyon was kidding! They truly are the best cover designs ever...

*The one in the picture says: "This is the result of human alchemy... The body of a sinner who has infringed the Realm of the Gods!!".

Others include:
"Our souls have chafed everytime we switch bodies. It no longer has the power to maintain the vitality of our bodies. Dante, we are perishing toward our own distruction."
"But it is because of these ones that make up the existence of the whole. The universe follows a greater law that is beyond our imagination. To understand, dissassemble and reconstruct under this law; That, is Alchemy. ONE OUT OF THE WHOLE"
.. and more!

The end. xDD
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