angsty lemon uke (wabisuke) wrote in fm_alchemist,
angsty lemon uke

Going to Hell-con on a train

a very fast train.

If you must know the inspiration, kirchu and I were talking about Faye since Wendee Lee is coming to my campus tomorrow night and she wants me to attempt to get an autograph for her so Faye pictures were brought in because poor Jen was trying so hard to get the perfect picture from a bastard forum that required her to spam the hell out of it and two hours later, still couldn't get it.

>> ryoumi monkii: btw, can you help me search for a good picture for faye? :\
ryoumi monkii: i dont wanna search up google
kuno no bokken: hmm. sure.
ryoumi monkii: they might gimme some pron site
ryoumi monkii: X_x
kuno no bokken:
kuno no bokken: that's where i found the picture i liked.
ryoumi monkii: ahh
kuno no bokken: yeah; faye is very...pornable. XD;
ryoumi monkii: XD
kuno no bokken: like Ed. XD
ryoumi monkii: at least ed's easy to find

So that's teh story.

See you at Hell-con, peoples. =D;

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