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FMA Love

So, someone posted in this community not too long ago, asking what people do outside of the community in real life to proclaim their love for FMA.

Well, I'd like to serve up this bit of fan obsessiveness for your approval.

See, I'm the president of a college anime club tucked cozily into the northern parts of Washington State. And even here, the fans' love for FMA knows no bounds. Now, at my college, we have a large central courtyard called Red Square (thought I don't know WHY, it's not a square, though it is red from bricks) that is a frequent target of sidewalk chalk art.

... does anyone see where this is going?

Yes, one night after anime club and a couple of episodes of FMA, we set out into the cold to make the fountain in Red Square part of a transmutation circle, which we finished off with a flourish of Ed and Al's flamel and the Sins' Ouroborous.

There are pictures. Click here to enjoy! XD I apologize for the bad quality, but my digital camera doesn't operate very well in the dark. I think they get the intent across though. - The circle is beginning to take shape! And unfortunately, those are our shoes, not a circle reaction *sighs* - A better picture of the lines. You can sorta see what we were trying to do here. - One of the symbols on the "inner" part of the circle ^.^ - Another of the symbols. - One of the symbols in the outer edge of the circle, in one of the spines of the octogram. - Another symbol in the spines of the octogram. - My lame attempt to make the outer edge of the circle look cooler XD - Just in case, ya know? - Though this may have been going too far XD - Yay, the flamel! We thought we were clever and that it was pointing north, but apparently it wasn't XD - Tried to get a better angle on the flamel. - And of course, no FMA art project is complete without the Ouroborous XD - Our tag XD It says "Aiya!" which is our club name. - Finally, the only overhead view of the circle. It's hard to see, but you can sort of make it out around the fountain. Picture provided by yotacorcis

Credit for this obsessive fan moment goes to myself, chiba_yuriko, innate, chobits00_freya, fllmtlarchivist, lady_russel and various other people who are awesome XD

The best part of the story is that the circle managed to piss off a religious group too. XD But I can't let that bother me, alchemists are scientists after all! <3

...hey, you over there with the phone. You BETTER be talking to Hughes and not the madhouse.
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