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Poor FMA seeks to unload doujinshi....

Crossposted to fma_yaoi and fm_alchemist Apologies for anyone who gets this twice.

I find myself quite hard up for cash, hehe, and possessing of a couple of doujinshi duplicates, so I figured I would see if anyone would be interested in buying them ^^;

Title: Royce
Circle: Valiant - very popular and well known circle in Japan
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Rating: NC-17, this is very porny
Length: 50 pages
Price: $15

This is probably the nicest FMA smut you will find. Valiant have gorgeous clean artwork, and it is very smutty with little to no censorship, and their Ed is rather hot. And so is Roy, but he's always hot.

Inside Scan - not work safe!

Title: Million Mirror, I think
Circle: Duo Brand - another very large and well known circle
Pairing: Hughes/Roy
Rating: PG-13/R, heavy angst and touching
Length: 55 pages
Price: $12

Very pretty angst, and I like the way they portray Hughes and Roy. Gah, sad ;_;


Title: Devil's Nest
Circle: Clock Worker
Pairing: None, but is all about Greed and his chimera
Rating: G/PG
Length: 20 pages
Price: $12

Cover and Back

It's Greed doujinshi!! That was enough for me, and you get all the chimera as well, so I really like this one.

Please forgive the crappy scans, my scanner is old and sucks, so that dark blotch is it, not the books.

If interested, please email me with any questions. I take paypal or money order, shipping to the US would be $4, and will ship internationally, you just gotta tell me how you want it sent and I will give you an estimate.

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