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New Drabble

Yet another drabble is complete. I'm slow, but I will get them all done. Here we go. For winter_ruins, at 828 words, is an untitled drabble.

Warning, this contains spoilers for episode 50.

“Hmm. Now this isn’t something that happens too often.” Envy purred as he ground his hips against the lean form pinned beneath him. “Usually you’ve got Pride and Lust guarding your back. Finally piss them off enough that they left? Or maybe Lust finally tumbled Pride into his bed.”

Gold eyes glared up at Envy, thought there was no fear in them. Just an amused acceptance. “Al and Roy are out, Envy. And, seriously, use their damn names.” Ed said, shifting until he was comfortable under the eldest Sin. “And, besides, Roy tipped Al a while back. I watched. It was entertaining.”

Envy barely bit back a snarl. Though he leaned forward enough to nip Ed’s collarbone. “Bastard. Did it make you hot to watch your brother getting fucked by that arrogant jackass? Did you want to do it yourself, force yourself, all hard and hot, into your little brother’s sweet flesh?”

Now Ed grinned, an expression almost as feral as Envy’s. “Oh, yes. Guess it must run in the family.”

This time Envy didn’t stop the snarl. But he bit again, sinking sharp teeth into flesh. Hot blood filled his mouth as Ed withered against him. The blood was salty and harsh on his tongue, power crackling through the life he tasted. That, as much as the willing body below made Envy even harder.

“I hate you, but I love to see your blood,” he hissed once he pulled his teeth from Ed. Blood streamed down Ed’s shoulder, staining the pale flesh.

Ed tore one hand free of Envy’s grip. He grabbed some of the long hair that trailed everywhere and pulled Envy close. Close enough to lick blood from Envy’s lips, which he did. “Love me, hate me, I don’t care. Fuck me!”

His own need was enough that, for once, Envy didn’t argue or play games. Instead, there was the sound of clothes vanishing in frantic ways, and then Envy hissed. He pressed in deeper, almost biting his own tongue off as he pushed himself as deep as possible into Ed’s body.

It was violent. Full of harsh cries and blood and curses, but that didn’t matter. It ended in a release almost as violent as the sex. They enjoyed it, and that was all that mattered.

Panting, too tired to actually lift himself off of Ed, Envy smirked at the lazy smile that curled on Ed’s lips. It was amusing to realize that he had that much control over this person. That someone who was actually more powerful than anyone he had ever met was willing to submit, sort of, to him in that way.

“What’s so funny?” asked Ed, slowly coming out of his post-sex mindmelt.

“Nothing,” answered Envy. His smirk grew as he thought of a way to piss Ed off again. “Just thinking on how well you’ve slide into being That Person. Even better than….”

There was a crackle of red light, and Envy grunted as he hit the far wall. Blink away the afterimages of the light, he watched as Ed rose, clothes reforming around him with only a snap. Eyes the color of blood glared at Envy, and the homunculus was reminded on why he rarely pissed his little brother off anymore.

“Do not,” hissed the smaller man, “ever compare me to that man. I’ve done more than he ever could.” He spun around, shoulders tense with anger.

Envy could not deny that, no matter how much he wanted to. Ed had created a Philosopher’s Stone far beyond what their father had been able to make, and created homunculi that remembered their human lives. Through his efforts, there was a full compliment of Sins once more.

Though something was different about them, something more than memories. Ed had tied Envy in with them, using the Stone in someway that made Envy uneasy. He had no memories of his life, as Ed had never known him. But, for the first time since he had be reborn, Envy had experienced emotions besides his namesake.

And that pissed him off.

But, still, Envy did not like Ed to be truly angry with him. Irritated, yes. Pissed off, oh hell ya. But really angry didn’t happen with Ed often. All of his temper tantrums seemed to keep that kind of pressure from building up.

Moving forward as silently as only a homunculi could, Envy paused behind Ed. Leaning forward, he whispered in Ed’s ear a single line, then bolted, dismayed and angry at himself.

Ed didn’t move for a few moments, then a small laugh escaped him. What Envy said ran through his mind again, and the blond sniggered before wandering out of the room himself. His older brother was a strange one. To think that telling Ed that was supposed to make him feel better. Or at least less likely to kill him. Well, amazingly enough it had worked.

“I’d rather fuck you than Father.”

Well, what could Ed say to that?

For: winter_ruins
Title: untitled
Pairing: Envy/Ed
Sentence: I hate you, but I love to see your blood.

You know what, in a strange way, Envy/Ed is Elricest. How strange is that?

Hope you enjoyed.
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