xiahou bieber (hezul) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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I am having issues with the DVD rip of the Complete Best.

I have Mac OS X (specifically, I have Jaguar--haven't gotten around to upgrading to Panther yet) and I'm having problems finding something that will let me play mkv files. I know there are a few other Mac users lurking around here, so I'm curious as to whether and how everyone else has dealt with this. I tried updating MPlayer, but the latest version doesn't open files properly when I run it, for some reason. The newest version of VLC gives me audio but no video.

So, two questions.

Does anyone have a workable solution for playing mkv on Mac OS X?

If not, has the file been converted to avi or some other standard format, and if so, where could I find that and make life easier?
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